Grape Og

They sure are, I don't think he ever released these. So far a pleasure to grow, not the stinkiest til you break a couple trichs, then its a real nice mix of the blueberry (which is the grape flavoured one he uses) and og. Planted the rest of the pack about a week ago and all up and happy. Got this one from 2 seeds, 1 male and this. Didn't keep that male though, hoping to find a better one.
All those plants look great and as healthy as fuck.nice one big buddy
Thanks b, very kind of you. I've been too sick/poor til recently to put any work into the grows, so I'm pretty glad that I'm getting things done again. The sickness will never change but thanks to a good friend that I'm teaching I havn't been without what I've needed, he gets the most reaked out thank you hes ever had that's for sure.

Hey, BB back in action! Looking mighty healthy! What nutrients are you running these days?
ya man, finally back at it again, fuck I didn't realize how much I missed working on real plants. Like I just said, sickness kept me down, as you know my condition is a bitch to say the least, but fucking thrips, mildew, mites, and half a flowering run with no flower nutrient added up to no bud for buddy. And of course the whole moving fiasco a couple years back, fuck, I earned this run I think.
Right now I'm running pure blend pro, actually the base veg nute is fox farm cause I ran out of the pbp grow, it's working well and I've got a pile of ff grow so might as well finish it off. Also using monster bloom, magical or cal mag, whatever I'm able to get around here at the time, does the same thing so who cares, and I think that's it. Oh, and I still use the ff open sesame(spelling?), that stuff is great and can't find anything that get things started faster or better.
So what have you been up to man, I assume the grow looks fucking amazing as always?
Just tickles me to see an old friend back at it. Health is also a damper for me also as you know, but I seem to find ways around it or plow through it. You definitely deserve this run for what you have been through! I still got my garden going minus a lot of gear(LL,lavender...) due to health. Kinda bums me out I couldn't help you out with them girls. Havent taken pics in a while, running Stardawg, Mcfly, and just popped some new beans. Cornbread, Bubs dogbud form CSI. Going to be hunting through beans for a bit.
I also am stil running PBP and magical with some other stuff. Cheers, RB
Thats it man, cuts come and go, ill have f2s of the ll x lav soon so who knows, may find a dead ringer for the lav. The old lemon larry lady is gone for good though i fear, never crossed that one with anything.
sounds like some nice gear to be working with there, stardawg and mcfly are some wonderful plants.
How's life in the GWN my friend?! I got some LL x Purple Wreck/Blue Moonshine..from what I'm told the LL is way dom. Hope you get your lavy dom back though. cheers =]
Sounds like a nice cross, ive heard very good things about the wreck as well. I had what was apparently a very rare pheno of loompas headband, as thats what a lot of elites work was based on it seems. If you remember his ad shot for ll that was it, lots of other great cuts out there, just I had one I loved and theres no way anyone has the cut still. I remember h&l had it and really liked it, but doubt its still there.
Plants look super healthy @Big Buddy awesome job. I was running thru an old ecsd debate from 201o and seen ya posting up in it , was a pretty interesting thread with some good ecsd info ... any how just passing thru
The mother of this plant is elites ultra chem 08 it's a really nice chemmy plant , wish I had a better picture
Ya natural, hsis twisted purple was really nice, a guy I know around here ran it and had some very frosty colourful plants. If you get yourself somw f2s id say theres some gold in there. As for where he is, that would be jail, unless hes out now. Security wasn't his strong point.

And soser, thank you very much, haven't put in the effort like this in a couple years, so im quite happy about this one. And I remember that ecsd discussion, I don't know if anyone truly know which cut is the real one these days. Id love to have the one I had back, and if that one happens to be the wrong cut would love to have the real one, but a vry kind soul is being kinder to me than I deserve, so I think ill be ok on genetics for a while.
Nice looking as always BB...your natural ability to make them bitches shine still amazes's one thing to use all common ferts and the likes, but to mix and match, overcome life's hurdles, and still obtain such health, speaks volumes to your skills bro...I still take notes from your posts and Thank you for the generous help you provided me over the years...true skills in every worries on the typo's...we get it...believe me...oh..and btw... some of my best runs were of the Elite stuff...the Twisted purple being one of his best yeilders for me...the LL was the funk daddy....and the LL/Lavender of yours was to see some pics if ya got um...B