Grape Og

Thanks for the kind words folks, a nice bunch the lot of ya. Pretty sure I grabbed some more shots, ill look and see when I get my work done. Sadly this one didn't have what I wanted, beautiful plant to grow but just not the flavors and whatnot I was looking for. But the rest of the pack is down and im sure theres gold in there. But to tide ya over for a bit, how bout some 4 wk grape rom and lemon larry x lavender shots. And pollen has now touched the hairs, so ll x l f2s are coming. Getting a pollination tent in a couple weeks sogonna make a pile real soon. And both these have crazy smells, and are going to be real winners I think. Roc you should really get these grape romulan listed, what strain you've got there
Thanks again guys, and mr gg, he sure did. Ive gotta say, one of the strongest most interesting smells ive found in years. Really hoping its got the knock out sleepy indica effect, desperately need one for sleep. Being a sativa guy I don't tend to hunt for those that often so would be nice to fluke into one. Gonna be a big ass yielder too I think.
next in the room is some more grape og, and purps x thai from roc, plus some Jamaican skunks im looking through, and the last of the ultimate chem 91, which im sure will be herms but figured may as well try my luck and get rid of em. After that a full run of bodhi seeds, wookie, silver mountain, gogi og, and sunshine daydream. Then, after im well stocked on meds, a full run of mr nice gear. I like all the diesels and chems ive been running but its time to get back to the hazes, the real power! Like these, master kaze
For anyone that wants to see the ole pics I started a diary. And gonna just do a fast pic post for each of the roc lines as they finish and any qs you can ask away, but only doing the update thing in the diary thing