Great Read - The Biotechnology of Cannabis Sativa

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they call me j

interesting but i DO NOT SUPPORT manipulating the genes of mother nature.


This is a good read and informative beyond the subject of manipulating genes. This read has info on tissue culture if anyone was looking. Also by looking at this resource their is agreat Strainbase database on the site, as well as other Cannabis related books if anyone else is interested.

to get the best view get the excel file.

Thanks for posting
also there is a wealth of info on different subjects. Just use the search function.


The genie is out of the bottle guys.... the possibilities are endless. :party0023:


Genetically Modified = very dangerous ground.

Stock up on your heirloom seeds while you can. Lord have mercy if Monsanto gets a hold of the cannabis market. They straight up scare me.


Why do guys keep bringing up Monsanto? Can't you see the difference between a greedy corporation and the potential for genetic engineering? I think your fears are getting the best of you.


Do it!

Let's face it, for tens, no hundreds of thousands of years man has been messing with the genes of plants and animals. Thru selective breeding, cross breeding, etc, we have been doing the same basic stuff for a long time, just with much slower results. Now we can bring it to a whole new level. We need to learn to properly use this technology asap, not just for weed but for the future of food! Think about it, we would be possibly be able to engineer foods hat could be grown sucessfully in space. Make thc apples. One bite or the cronic applely goodness and your stoned for 8 hours.. 2 bites and its 2 hours of couch lock and 6 hours of sleep, lol. Oh man, where do we send our money for this shiz again??

koopa troopa

you guys are probably eating GM (genetically modified) food for years. there is a fish gene that has been added to tomatoes that makes them keep longer on the shelf. who knows what the outcome is of consuming a fish gene in a tomato is? corn is a great example of GM because look at how far it came from what it used to be. maize is very small and today's consumer corn variety's are extremely large. this is due to polyploidy which is the result of extra chromosomes from disjunction, etc.


Why do guys keep bringing up Monsanto? Can't you see the difference between a greedy corporation and the potential for genetic engineering? I think your fears are getting the best of you.

well put.

And just to be technical, breeding is manipulation of genes. You are placing a selective pressure on the plants that likely wouldn't be selected for naturally. Its all about for what purpose or motive that really matters.

I will agree that the safety of taking a gene from some bacteria or other organism we wouldn't normally put into our bodies, is not known. But transgenics within plant species would seem to be harmless. Biotech/Molecular breeding is the future of medicine.


Breeding is manipulation of genes, but that is very different than transgenic gene transfer. The argument that transgenic modification is equivalent to breeding is a red hearing given to us by biotech companies to justify the safety of their practices. Its a basic 'appeal to ignorance' fallacy. They claim its safe and just like what we've always done, but the burden of proving its safety should be on the companies looking to profit from the practice.

And the whole argument is greatly undermined by the fact that the same companies making that claim to the FDA to avoid regulation then turn around and claim that their newly created life forms are so unlike anything else that ever existed that they deserve to be awarded a patent on them. Can't have it both ways, guys.


big thanks

amazing book very thx for link. for me this basic information of GM are very good :muscle again thx men

for my person i supported GM. it is evolution it is future and we must try it :) reason is on stars


we have reached apoint where, it seems to me, that human evelution has reached a stand still. never has a creature other than us evolved to a point that it begends to bend natural laws such as we. humans evoled to this point where we can manipuate nature, and the results are unknown. but we will never be completely void of the natural laws, and if we shouldnt do it, well, we wouldnt be able to.


Really makes you think how far this first medicinal plant "allowed" by the corp. could go....
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