Green House Seed Co. Strain Hunters - Official Trailer
Our planet is home to millions of species of animal and plants with their own habitat, and each plays a unique role in the perfect design of nature. Unfortunately many species of plants and animals are victim of uncontrolled human development. Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilization all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threath of extinction. Besides the threath posed by human development, one of the goals of the United Nations, published years ago in official reports, was to wipe out the cannabis plant from the face of the earth by the year 2010. In reality this is far from being achieved, because man keeps using the cannabis plant for religious, medicinal and recreational purposes no matter what the law says. Most cultures cannot comprehend how a plant can be made illegal. In most people’s perception, plants and animals stand above a status of legality or illegality, they just exist in a higher design of nature that goes beyond human laws and regulations. Nevertheless most governments of cannabis-producing countries are implementing drastic measures to destroy crops. Dangerous chemicals are sprayed over fields and over the farmers themselves in most of the third world countries, and the poorest people of the planet are the ones paying the highest price for cultivating a plant that does not kill. But in the economy of scale, where demand dictates supply, the poorest people of the planet have no choice but to cultivate cannabis as a cash crop to feed their children and send them to school. Communities that are isolated in remotes areas in the poorest regions of the planet are often the keepers of very special landraces.
The worldwide prosecution on the cannabis plant generates the need to go hunting for the real landraces that are left in the most remote corners of the planet.
These strains, isolated for decades and sometimes for centuries, costantly inbreeding, are at the origin of all the thousands of variations that we know today in the cannabis industry. In these landraces there are hundreds, maybe thousands of unique cannabinoid profiles that have never been evaluated by the pharmaceutical industry; nevertheless they could be of enormous help in the future, when the knowledge about the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant will advance further. One of these cannabinoid profiles could be hiding the next miracle drug for the treatment of very serious diseases. The concept of strain hunters stems from the need to preserve nature’s gifts to man, in a quest for a better future.
Being a strain hunter is a personal challenge, a passion, and a way of life. Strain hunting is a very delicate task, one that involves social skills, a travelling-oriented mindframe and a pinch of crazy. Besides being physically fit, the strain hunter has to speak several languages, be able to blend and socialize in different environments, and has to be willing to commit to a lifestyle on the fast-lane. From the jungles of Africa and Asia to the mountain ranges of South America, the strain hunters are on a mission to bring back the most important and isolated cannabis landraces known to man. The logistical challenges involved in strain-hunting are quite considerable, but Arjan, owner and founder of the Green House empire, has been devoting a great deal passion, time and resources to this task. After two decades spent strain hunting for the breeding programs of the Green House Seed Company, it is now time to show the world what the hunt is all about. Strain Hunters is a brand new series of documentaries, real-life reports of the search for the greatest lost cannabis strains, a deep insight in the typical “day at the office” of the most successful seed makers in the world.

the long awaited Strain Hunters Trailer is Now online at youtube:

YouTube - Green House Seed Co. STRAIN HUNTERS - Africa Exped. Trailer


cool vid...been to the same place as you guys were....but i found that in transkei and knysna have more 'clever' growers who preserve old school the old school rasta community deep in knysna forest....
the king has got it goin on!

dna genetics

how can the king be a strain hunter when he does not even smoke Jack?

from the real ganja hunters:)
how can the king be a strain hunter when he does not even smoke Jack?

from the real ganja hunters:)
hey bro, just returned, so you want me to answer your question, mr. real ganja hunter?

Arjan smokes, he just doesn't have time to smoke all day long like some of us.

Arjan always smokes a joint with friends, but we do not smoke weed when we work, except for franco because he uses it as medicine...

arjan has meetings all day long and travels all over the world, he doesn't really have time to chill out and smoke weed in the office and neither do i. we leave the major smoking to franco...

me and arjan use it to relax and smoke 1 or 2 joints at night when we get home.

sorry but smoking all day does not make you a strain hunter. We get much more done when we don't smoke. after the second joint of the day, you can't really tell the difference between your buds if you ask me.

Arjan and Franco went running & to the gym every morning for months in advance, just to prepare for this trip. even the camera crew had their own personal trainer to prepare them for this expedition. so to be a strain hunter, it takes more than packing bowls!

next time the boys from dna can join us on our expedition, you guys can smoke all day long and see how far up the mountain you will get!
cool vid...been to the same place as you guys were....but i found that in transkei and knysna have more 'clever' growers who preserve old school the old school rasta community deep in knysna forest....
the king has got it goin on!
hi MG! respect back at ya! yes we know that you also know your way around there! the strain hunters is on a whole africa expedition, malawi is just a part of what we put on dvd. some places are too sensitive if you know what i mean...
Sweet looks like it will be an interesting series good work guys :D
thanks, a whole series will be coming everyone's way very soon! glad everyone likes it....more than 4800 views since saturday! that's more than 4800 views in less than 3 days. crazy shit.... 100's of positive reactions already...

except ofcourse 1 frenchfarmer, he hates it. his blood is obviously at boiling point right now. hahahahaha

p.s. why are you so mad frenchy?


i'm not mad i'm just upsett by seing buiseness that cannabis goes on with guy's like arjan.
they don't love plant for smoke they love plants for selling something. u see the difference?
i'm not mad i'm just upsett by seing buiseness that cannabis goes on with guy's like arjan.
they don't love plant for smoke they love plants for selling something. u see the difference?
so you prefer cannabis to be illegal and users to be prosecuted? underground?

the greenhouse is about much more than just selling something. arjan has a message...

Look at all the video's we put on youtube for free to watch. we spread the message of the plant more than anyone else.

If you just sit around, smoke joints and expect things to change.... nothing will ever happen...what did you do for the community?

by the way, today we decreased the price of our seeds. some strains by more than 50%.
our site will be updated tomorrow...

good luck jack
jack how comes greenhouse brought out a strain called lemon skunk when there is already a cup winning strain called lemon skunk by the dna boys ????
my friend loved the lemon skunk he brought from grey area in amsterdam. he isnt in the no on who breeds and what not so he brought a pk of your lemon skunk seeds thinking it was the lemon skunk he brought in amsterdam grey area. he was disapointed when i told him your (green houses) lemon skunk isnt the version he brought in amsterdam. i have heard your lemon skunk is good and im not knocking you at all i just think its kind of odd to release a strain called lemon skunk as people will think its the same as the lemon skunk what dna offer .
i thought at first perhaps arjan got franco to self the american clone he got but have been told on another forum by franco that your lemon skunk isnt the american clone at all but an old school dutch citraal strain.
kind of confusing

Texas Kid

Some guy with a light
I haven't ever grown any Greenhouse genetics, oddly enough, and don't have an axe to grind at all....I love watchin stuff like the video is, hell I won't ever be in that exact place in Africa so it is cool as hell to see and follow along.

Ready for the next installment..


dna genetics

hey jack what up hommie.

franco smoke cigs. so he will be coughing and the King will still be in the town looking for dirty girls lol:laugh: and D and I will be puffing the whole way:cool: thats how we made it this far:p

but it was nice to hang with the 3 amigos in italy over the weekend.

jack thanks for keeping it real you buddy's on Sint Nicolaasstraat


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The Lemon

:nowink:hey o herb....heres my 2 cents....the lemon that the g.h. has is the same elite cut that d n a has.....i gave it 2 both 2 years ago...i think that franco is speaking to the original lineage from whence it might have originated from...ect..i know its the same cut....d n a mated it 2 an old skunk male from a dam.....g. h . femmed the cut...what you bought at grey area is the original cut...THE LEMON...not the lemon skunk....i think you will be happy with either of those products....let us know how it grows out....give thanks...p s i just had dinner with the lemonman tonight.... maybe he might chime in..

nice video jack....go strain hunters.....:cool:
this is the info franco posted. sounds like a totally dif strain

So, now that it is on the catalogue and many growers are busy with it, let’s have a closer look to another new strain from Green House catalogue: Lemon Skunk.
The Lemon Skunk is a new plant with a very old pedigree, going back to the early 1990s. Back then, when it was called Citral, it was a true hit for a long time. Citral has been one of the most successful Skunk-type strains in Holland, mainly because it includes all the winning characteristics of a real Skunk combined with a fresh, lemon-like flavour and a higher production per plant. The pedigree of the Lemon Skunk is a bit of a mystery; what is sure is its Skunk parentage, which guarantees stability and very reliable results. Arjan acquired the original clone a long time ago, and until now there has been no time to develop it into a feminized strain. But while working on the Cheese and Trainwreck, we decided the time had come to bring back an old famous Amsterdam strain as well. We looked for the best mother and made R1 feminized seeds.
The Lemon Skunk is a very rewarding plant for the grower. It has a typical long bud shape and a very uniform growth pattern. Compared to the original Skunk it has a somewhat stretchy internodal distance and a heavier mass, due mostly to the higher calyx-to-leaf ratio and the larger trichomes.
The leaves are similar to the pure Skunk, with non-overlapping leaflets and a dark green colour. This is a plant that presents the grower with an array of options, very flexible to different logistics; it performs well in all types of medium, with a higher production in hydro systems and a richer terpens composition when grown in organic soil. The flexible versatile nature of this plant allows the grower to decide the plant shape solely based on the needs and requirements of the growroom. It performs very well producing huge main colas, but topping offers interesting split possibilities and can help reducing the total height of the finished plant. When left to its natural growth pattern, this strain tends to stretch the lower branches to form a very bushy shape, with long banana-like colas. The buds are extremely hairy, with thick, straight, pointy clusters of hair giving an all-white look during flowering. The flowering time on this strain is between 8 and 9 weeks, with a tendency to boost resin production in the last week. Even if it is commercially ready after just 7-8 weeks, the 9th week will add magic and charm.
Because of the rapid metabolism, the Lemon Skunk can take high EC levels (up to 2.4 EC in hydro systems, at peak of flowering) but it also requires good ing to make sure the unique lemon-like flavour is not overpowered by fertilizer residues. Growing this plant is a real pleasure, because it behaves like a regular skunk but it delivers so much more!
The effect is very fast and long lasting, the kind I define as a “messy” high; it hits fast and strong, evolving in a very complex mind-to-body type of effect. It is both stoned and high, going in waves and coming up strong again after each puff of the joint.
The flavour is definitely lemon-lime, with a skunky background and a strong spicy aftertaste. It is a chewable type of taste, one that stays in your mouth long after the joint stopped burning
this was my reply and his answer
i thought this was from a plant from america what arjan got a cut a little while ago the same stuff dna genetics have yet they backcrossed it using a male dutch skunk

No, it's not the American cutting. Our version is skunkier, darker & deeper. Old school Citraal from the early 90s.

its not me who brought the seeds but a friend of mine.


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oh well..?

:huh: i personally gave it to franco 2 years ago....aryan told me they were gonna femminize is from the 90s ....from lost wages nevada....the parentage is a mystery....and everyone seems to have a story that suits em....fine as it is a bit of a ? feeling after growing out nearly every strain out there both inside and out is different yet....but prolly has some skunk in der somwhere....but 4 sure the grey area has had the lemon cut ..not skunk

Capt. Crip

When I talked to Arjan and Franco in the dam I was told it was the same cali cutting..
Dank herb..

Good going for spreading some love IBL!!!!

Good to see you guys over here Jack....Tell Franco to get signed up when he gets back...........CC