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I'm looking to network a bit and access some better medication than what Michigan dispensarys have to offer!
Currently starting "cheese" & "ice cream cake"
.Once rooted clones went into 1gal
.1gal to 3gal (seen in pic)
.3gal to 30gal w plastic cage/landscape fence wrapped to diameter of the 3gal during transplant.
.all transplants done outside at night and watered in with R.O. terp tea
My medium is Promix H.p (high porosity)
And equal parts of compost, kelp meal, and worm castings.
Feeding with chlorine filter attached to garden hose and Ph adjusting in a reservoir where use "Superthrive",
Cal mag, Snow Storm ultra, and killer tea for now.
I will be running "humbolt countys own " feeding schedule (without purplemax)
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