Grow 2 - Indoor - Auto Bluetooth, Caramelicious and Magnum from MSNL

Just wrapped up my first grow and I'm onto the next. Started soaking my seeds this evening. I did the paper towel method with no soak last time. This time, I'll be soaking for 12-18 hours or so and then right into jiffy pellets which I'll plan to pot right into my Air Pots. But, I'll be leaving them on top of the water heater like I did with my paper towels last time.

My soil is:
20% pearlite
20% coco
40% organic potting soil
10% vermiculite
10% worm castings

I'll also be trying out my new watering system, I hope it works because I really don't want to be watering so slowly with these Air Pots. They seem to spill out quite a bit if you water too quickly.

Germinating Start.jpg
Thanks and nope no light yet. Once magnum breaks I will tho. Unless she takes too long to break thru. Maybe by Monday I’ll put a light on if she’s still lingering in her hole.

I’ve had them in a closed cardboard box with my heating pad in the bottom. When I germed last grow, it was in March and I was still running my heater. So the utility room where I grow was much warmer. I found that now at the end of June and running with me running the AC, the room is much too cool for the water heater to bump the temp up enough. I was hovering at like 72F on the water heater, but 82F in the box and heat mat.



Nice! You should have roots popping out the bottom in the next ten days I think, probably less. You didn't ask, but in case you care, I just Spritz the top with a sprayer and mostly try to water from the bottom and let it soak up.
yeah, last grow I had just done a mix of water with liquid seaweed. But I ported right into my final pot from the paper towel method.

I’ll plan to use the capillary effect for watering. But, my baking pan has a hole in it somewhere! I’ll need to find it and tape it or just lay some saran wrap in the bottom. Glad to know someone else is doing this tho with success, I assume!
Got light on them for now. Nothing intense, but this same light helped pull one of my plants last grow out of a major stunt at the beginning of the grow. I’m hoping it’ll prove beneficial to use on the seedlings here.

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I'm right there with you :) The seedling tray has Squirt and Purple Mountain Majesty from HSC. The taller plant is Pineapple Muffin that is under LST to be a momma. The two on the left are White Widow clones. The one in the front is topped and will be trained to be a momma. The one in back is for some yum yum :)
2 of the 3 seedlings had their taproots pop out the side last night. I moved them into their final pots before I headed to work and changed to 20/4 light from my Marshydro TS1000. They seem to be a several days faster than my last grow, which was about 10 days to this point compared to the 7 here.





Also, last night I was fiddling with the watering system last night and only 2 drippersare not enough to get even coverage. Good timing in the fiddling as I had to plant this AM! I thought I had a bit more time before they were ready to pot!

What I’m going to try today is making my own halo. I saw some hydro ones online that were expensive and had mixed reviews.

I’ll be drilling 6-8, 1/16” holes into the below rings that I’ve made with 1/4” poly tubing and a T fitting. My intent is to lay this directly on the soil, maybe holes facing up, maybe down. We shall see how this goes, but I need a solution pretty quick or I’ll be going back to hand watering!