Grow Dots and Recharge for the Real Growers Challenge 2022

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Good Luck!
Thanks Blastfact!

There's no emergency, but for this grow I wanted to be more proactive. Plus, I had never flushed to runoff for a deficiency or toxicity issue before. I'm sure I should have, but I admit I was intimidated before.

Now, I realize I am not going to hurt these plants by flushing, stabilizing pH and recycleing nutrients, especially if I keep the 12-gal rez around (or under) 1.00 EC. The Grow Dots are good for around 16 weeks, but they are designed to finish out in layers of importance for the time period of the grow.

I took a short break to update the Grow Diary, but I'm currently passing goodies (Recherge, etc) through the coco with elevated pH (6.20) in my flush and my runoff is hovering in the 4.xx pH range, but rising.

Pulling out the excess fluids from the Valve compartment is more work than I would like with a turkey baster. So, I bought one of these today for about $19 to help siphon the fluids out, as I keep trying to raise the pH. To get same Same-Day delivery I added some household batteries to the order, so everything should be delivered this evening.


Am I thinking Properly?: I'm not sure if it is the right thing to do, but I am recycling those nutrients dissolved from the Grow Dots in the coco runoff. I'm taking (per batch) and raising pH to 6.20 and adding back into the 12-gallon reservoir. I want these Grow Dots to be the real deal (pun intended). Having said that, the "Challenge" goes out the window if they start fading too early because of all of this flushing. I'm not afraid to whip out the Jacks 3-2-1 at the end if I have to do so.


Follow Up:

I have poured GALLONS of water through these AutoPots tonight, and yet the Valve Compartment wants to stay in the high 4.xx pH. This is crazy.

What am I doing wrong?

I went as far as putting 7.4 pH through, and it is still 4.8x pH in the chamber?

I gave up for the night. Nothing makes sense. This is going to make me buy a soil pH tip for my Apera Pen.


Day 41 - A New Day

Follow up to: Operation Raise My Damn pH

• This morning my ACV pH was 5.18. At least it is out of the 4's.

• After recycling and treating (adjusting pH & EC) the Runoff Water, my 12-gallon reservoir is almost full and measures 19" deep.

• The Reservoir now has an EC of 1.16 (3x the usual 0.350 EC) -- 6.00 pH

• As mentioned last night, I wasn't going to waste the dissolved Grow Dot nutrients by dumping runoff water

• The fluid was reused over & over during the runoff exercise

• Then pH raised and dilluted to keep under 1.5 EC (because there are still nutrients suspended in the soil)

• The water was filtered of Coco debris and the ocassional Fungus Gnat
- There was surprising little coco to filter. I must have washed it well to start

Now it is Day 41 for the Super Skunk and 36 for the Double Grape

At Day 41 there is almost no sign of impending flowering for the Super Skunk.
Not gonna sweat it for now
It better not turn out to be a Regular

On the other hand:

The Double Grape is sprouting pistils all over, just no organize cluster yet.



Seems like a whole lot of work for what should be a bone idle simple grow.


I hear ya, but it's not that bad.

I'm starting to believe there is no such thing as a "Bone Idle" grow.

Even so, it is not "work" to me. It is a hobby that just involves some problem-solving.

My problem is being so new at growing cannabis that I don't have an established bone-idol technique.

And it could be that I have very "busy" grow diaries (lots of posts and pictures), where I describe every little detail that could make it seem like I am having more going on.

Other than the initial stunting (big deal) everything else seems like standard issues. Problems make for more interesting diary fodder than a "bone-idol" diary. 😄

In the past, I would have just let the Magnesium leaf do its thing and then trim it off when it was finishing up. However, this time I had been logging really low pH numbers in the valve compartment. The first few times, I just raised the 12-gal rez's pH, figuring it would all even out. Everything I had read said that Coco should be around 5.8 pH. So, when I would get a low compartment number, I just inched up the pH in the 12-gallon rez. I was never going to go higher than 6.4.

So this time, when I saw the leaf starting to show signs of something going on, I researched and saw that my low pH could be the issue. Of course, the magical elixir called Cal-Mag was standing by to save the day. But, something told me there were plenty of nutrients in my pots.

Taking on the "flush" was fun for me. I read how people do it all the time for lockouts. That made it a fun challenge to join in on "grown-up" behavior. 😎

What is bothering me is that I'm ready for flower and trichome photography. Right now, at this growth phase, the plants' aesthetics are what's bone idle. I liken this part of the grow to the awkward-teenage years.

Nonetheless, you never know, I could be paid to post problematic grow diaries to help everyone else here feel like championship growers. hehe!

Edited to Add: I said above that what I am experiecing is not that big of a deal. Well, if I don't see some flowers soon this diary is going to take a hard-left turn. I'm supposed to have these hanging to dry by Sep 29. There is very little chance of that happening if these flowers don't start showing soon.

Seems like a whole lot of work for what should be a bone idle simple grow.
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Day 42 & 37

More Spots Thursday

Last Day of Week 6 Overall
  • Still getting leaf issues.
  • My guess is that they were in the process (but not as visible) when I discovered the others yesterday.

Recap on my choices for corrections.

From Before:

  • Coco was super "hot" and very acidic (pH on average about 4.2) in the AquaValve Compartment (AVC).
  • I started siphoning out liquid from the (AVC).
  • Then I raised pH of siphoned liquid back to 6.4 (ish) and pour back through coco.
  • Once the mixture settled back in AVC, I would raise pH to about 6.2.
  • Re-open valves, replace cover and call it a night.


  • I'm not ready to throw blame on the Grow Dot nutrients.
  • For now, I am going to blame very low pH Coco.
  • Still perplexed as to how I can pour RO water that is pH'd almost to 7.00 through multiple times and still get pH in the 4.xx range
  • Maybe I didn't charge the Coco enough. Next time I'll do an overnight soak with Ca/Mg at 1.5 bottle rate for gallon
  • My new technique is working at bringing the AVC fluids to the higher 5.xx's.








Day 43 (SS) & 38 (DG) - Notes & Stats

Beginning of Week 7

Thoughts on Week 6:
  1. Obvious issues with pH in the coco​
  2. Which meant nutrient take-up issues​
  3. I think I have found a solution by taking a little more time with recycling valve compartment water​

What "Taking a Little More Time" Means:
  • Remove AquaValve Compartment water (about a cup)​
  • Add 100 ml of Ca/Mg Mix (Cal/Mag, SLF-100, Mr. Fulvic & mono-silicic acid) to removed cup of water​
  • pH to 6.4 (ish)​
  • Return to Pot in the Stem Root Zone (there's not enough to get it to edge of pot roots)​
  • Then add another 100 ml of Ca/Mg Mix to Valve Compartment (200 ml total)​
  • Give time for mixture to drain back to compartment​
  • Re-pH and get it to about 5.9 - 6.2 (so far that is raise it to goal #)​
  • If I start seeing compartment readings in the high 5.xx to low 6.xx then I'll just add Ca/Mg Mix (no recycling)​
No Conclusions Yet:
  1. I've only been doing this technique for a couple days
  2. I already see a difference in the base number when I check pH in the valve compartment
  3. SS was 6.03 this AM​
  4. DG was 5.11 this AM (was in low 4.xx's)​
  5. After adjustments both compartments averaged 5.95pH​
  6. I feel pretty good this is going to stabilize nutrient take up​


Day 46 (SS) & Day 41 (DG)
Low Stress Training Engaged

  • I started low-stress training a couple of days ago.
  • The plants bounced right back.
  • The AquaValve Compartment pH issue is under control.





Originally Stunted, But ...
How are They Doing Now?

I did this before in the beginning of this grow when I stunted the heck out of these two plants. Here's a look at them now compared to other plants of the same (ish) age.

Super Skunk is way behind.

But, Double Grape is not as dramatically behind.




Day 47 (SS) & Day 42 (DG)

Grow Dot Drama - Sort Of

  • AquaValve Compartment Dropped Back into 4.xx range
  • This happened even after removing water, then replacing with higher pH pour through.
  • Pour Through was Recharge pH'd to 6.4
  • About 500 ml total
  • I checked pH once the fluid passed through the coco (6.2).
  • By overnight, that stagnant fluid had dropped back down.
  • Solution: Emptied the compartment and placed that fluid in the master reservoir.
  • Opened AutoPot valves and filled the chambers from master reservoir.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
  • Otherwise, the plants look great.
  • The branches are comfortable in their initial LST positions.
  • I've done some light defoliating, mostly underneath.
  • Some leaf-tucking
  • Most solar panels are still in place.





Day 47 Stats - Week 7

If you read my post above, these numbers represent after I addressed the issues with pH, etc.



Day 48 (Super Skunk) & Day 43 (Double Grape)

  1. I let the AquaValve Chamber go dry.
  2. Put 1300 ml of a Recharge mix through the Coco.
  3. The main Reservoir Valves Are Still Off, while plants take up the over pour.
  4. Applied a little more LST to the main stem (you can see leaning more to the left (plant to right).



Day 49 - Stats
End of Week 7


  • Enough Pistils are now clustering.
  • Starting tomorrow, switch to "Flower" for VPD purposes.
  • Made batch of Mosquito Bits solution to water-in over next week.

Day 49 Stats

Day 49 End Week 7 Stat Averages
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