For Sale Grow LED light kit and more - $1,500 (Hollywood, can deliver)

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Grow food and plants, turnkey operation here! Willing to split up items but ENTIRE KIT $1500 (lights alone were more than that). Great deal with great equipment! PM me for short video to see it.

Do not lowball or scam; I wasn't born yesterday and have no patience for greedy morons. *Will deliver within a 3-hour radius from Los Angeles, within USA, but must be paid in full, plus gas mileage* Zelle and Paypal preferred (Cash ok if you pick it up yourself from Hollywood, elevator building).

What's here (all fits in a Scion XD with seats down):
2x Aegis series 600 watt custom lights LED
1x 30 watt led veg light 1x 4x8 Vivosun budding tent
1x 2x4 Vivosun veg tent
2x 450 gph irrigation pumps
1x 420 cfm exhaust fan 6 inch
1x CO2 tank, with cycle timer and meter
2x 2x4 hydroponic trays with custom built stands
1x control bucket with float actuated drain plug 4x digital timers
1x 100 cfm exhaust fan 4 inch (for the veg tent)
1x Reverse osmosis unit (needs new membrane and filter).

Tons of good seeds from a master breeder. ONLY selling because we lost our grow space and have to resort to buying food from the grocery store.
Grow led light kit and more   1500 hollywood can deliver
Grow led light kit and more   1500 hollywood can deliver 2

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