Grow Tent reccomendations? ~

Soo.. I've been looking at GrowTents lately as opposed to my original thought of growing in an open area. (Reflective lighting, easier to control air flow, etc.)

So, I've been looking around and reading a ton of different sites and forums and everyone recommends something different, drives me berserk!

Right now I'm torn between an eBay jobber and something from htgsupply.

eBay Jobber


HTG Tent

The HTG tent is a bit pricier (shipping is extra as well), but everything I've ever gotten from them has been a reputable high quality product (minus sending me a digital ballast >WITHOUT< a socket/cord set and then asking I pay for a new one?).

The HTG tent is also a bit smaller, (I'm only running 4DWC buckets at a time, so they'd fit in either setup.)

My ballast is 400W, so I was thinking smaller = more light per area, but I think 400W in either tent would be more than enough.

Any suggestions? (They don't have to be between these two.)

My setup will be, 4 plants at a time in DWC 5GAL (Herrissh's DIY Standalone buckets) with a 400W Digital Ballast.

Also, with a tent.. I can skip a reflector, can't I?
I run with a HomeBox XL for my main tent and I have a HomeBox XS for my moms, I have no complaints, IMO the best tent on the market.

They don't use any PVC in their manufacturing (which some tent do, I guess?) tents that have PVC "degauss" (or something like that) when they heat up from all the light and heat in the tent, this causes your plants to wilt and die

I looked at the tents you posted and I would suggest seriously looking at a HomeBox S or L would do the trick


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The Jardin is way better quality than them all. Secret Jardin is the most advance tent on the planet!!! a Homebox, Hydro Hut and Sun Hut. All a bunch of crap in my opinion..:mad0233:

they all are shit compared to the dark room.

what grow tent you know that has side door access windows? what grow tent you know that is thermally insulated to give you a nice defense against those pesky Infrared and Thermal Imaging Technology?

what grow tent you know gives you more holes for more adequate ventilation?

what grow tent you know has a better reflective material than others. the dark room doesnt use just white poly for reflectiveness.... it has better material to reflect light.:icon_cookie:

The secret jardin has a movable roof support system lol

did i mention that the secret jardin dark room comes with a portable carrying bag to put it away if need be?

what other grow tent can compete with that?:cool0041:
I gotta agree with Danny.

Ive been doing the same research whatsgoodie... Im working with a limited space and also using 400W. Ive realized the Secret Jardin Darkroom80 seems to be the best for me. A bit pricier than the HTGSupply tents, but sems well worth it after some of the bad reports I read w/ the HTG tents offgassing and having problems with lightproof material etc...

The DR80 is 2'8"Wx2'8"Lx5'3"H so I can fit 9 8.5inch square pots which hold 2 gallons and still have space for them to bush out a bit.

Anyway, Im on the verge of ordering the DR80 as it seems much better than the HTG tents and even better than the Homebox or Hydrohuts of similar size.

I actually cant beleive I waited this long to get one of these tents...

While I agree about the Secret Jardin tents being the best (after doing extensive research) they aren't designed to reflect infrared radiation so they have no more protection against thermal imaging than any other tent on the market. Alot of websites selling the tents have the wrong information or are lying for the sake of sales.



I gotta go with greenthumb, the jardins rock. Haven't had any problems with my dr120.
Secret jardin all the way - but not the street version though (is the budget version), my mates have budboxes and other makes but they all agree that my Dr80 tent is the better build quality etc...:banana:

- only thing is i want a bigger one now :cool0041:
let me 6th the motion for a jardin.

i have a few homeboxes XL from HTG.
personally i wish i went jardin.

HTG homebox tents will work, but, some have 'off gassing' issues (none here) and, imo, i feel, the frame is sub par, at best.

i lost a few moemists and a few diesel kushes because the frame isnt strong enuff to hold a can 60 and it dropped onto my plants.

my recommendation?
get something with a STRONG frame, andthe homeboxes aint it.


main thing is a sturdy frame, imo.
while all the tents are different inside, its the frames and the metals they use that count.
steel preferred.
not always gonna be the case tho, so, u gotta pic a good design that can, and is rated, to hold some weight.

lights, and carbon scrubbers, can total over 50-60lbs depending on gear....
and some tents just dont account for this load, imo, HTG homeboxes being one on the list.


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Im gonna have to do some looking and research into that growlab gimmick.. By the looks of things that is Jardin quality big time. Im not sure if Homebox ownes that. Or maybe they stepped up and upgraded to Jardin quality.. Eh... who can blame em lol.

But yeah very important what hubcap said about sturdiness.


Where can i get a Darkroom DR120 in So Cal for a good price?...I have an extra 400 and 600 watter and i want to put at least one of them to good use!...~ogr
Im very interested in tents, I live in Canada and I hear there are a few cheap ones for sale here. Which ones on ebay are bad if anyone knows, so I can steer clear of those.