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Hi i have one question,What will hapen when found me police with 100 plant indoor in holand and what is rules of growing there.


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Better late than never I guess...

What will hapen when found me police with 100 plant indoor in holand and what is rules of growing there.
Most likely case is that you get a fine and possibly some forced labor of several hundred hours. If they can tell you've been growing 100plants for a while, the IRS will estimate how much you earned and you'll have to pay taxes over it, plus a fine again. And you'd get kicked out of your house. Even if you buy one (unless you pay cash, but bank mortgages often include a clause that you can't grow without breaking the mortgage contract). They will put posters on the window "An illegal hemp grow was found here". If you have an expensive car they will confiscate it, but will first put some huge posters on it with text along the lines of "crime does not pay". If you have kids they will take them away temporary and put them in foster care or something. And you get blacklisted making it extremely hard to rent a place. They also shave your head and throw you in a dungeon.

Ok that last one isn't true... the rest unfortunately is, though your miles may vary depending on the region/cops/lawyer/judge.

what is rules of growing there.
First two rules are the same as for joining Fightclub. :)

When you get caught with 5 plants or less, without artificial light, without expensive nutes, without seeds from breeders, without hydro, without measuring equipment, and you agree to hand them over, they let you off the hook. If you do have any of the above, they use a point system to determine how pro you are. 5 plants in the garden, organic, as long as no neighbors complain, is sort of legal-ish.

Cops and politicians are not actively after growers with 1 bulb, as long as no neighbors complain about smell.

If you supply a coffeeshop and have more than a few bulbs there's a good chance the judge will rule guilty without punishment, something they've been doing more often to show they don't agree with the way things are going.

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Yes, I heard about the couple from the North of Holland (Groningen) who where growing large scale but also payed taxes and paid all the bills.
They where also guilty without punishment but now I heard that the government (OM) public defense is starting a case still trying punish them in a way, because they fear an example of a big grow setup where the people got away. More info here

I think it would be great if the dutch government finally started acknowledging that they criminalize something that could be easily regulated. Just allow these people to grow for shops. The government will profit from the taxes and it will keep the money out of organized crime.
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