Growing Barneys Farm LSD in a greenhouse or outdoors

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I plan to score some of Barneys Farm LSD seeds and give them a go for next years grow in my greenhouse.

Has anyone tried growing this? and if so, how did it go, any problems etc?


Hey Kolah! I grew this a while back and it was FIRE. Then I lost the cut to bugs. So recently I saw clones of LSD for sale in a dispensary and decided to give it another try and this is what I got:


Its looking pretty good buddy. Not quite the pheno I had before but still quite decent.


Very nice. Did you grow that outdoors?

Much of the reading I have done on BF LSD seems to indicate that it is a finicky weed to grow, has a very long flowering poeriod (a bitch for some us in the CO Mts) and most say it is low yielding. Thoughts?


LSD does well in greenhouses
It is a very unstable strain and you should expect to see schwaggy pheno's and hermaphrodites.......
nice pheno's can be found but you will probably need to look at several pheno's
to find a keeper.
here's the best pheno I found out of 32


she's very sensitive to N. in veg but will eat a little food in flower
This pheno smells and tastes like tropical fruit and lemons
and provides a nice cerebral high......

she does well in a greenhouse environment. :pimp:


I'm indoors with it and I would call it a medium type yielder. It comes on strong towards the end with the flower development, at least in the two times I have grown it with two different phenotypes. I personally found that it was not too finicky and quite easy to grow. I haven't met anyone thats grown it besides me yet either. I'll tell you what though, surprisingly my best yielder right now comes from Karma genetics. This Jack Cheddar throws out BIG buds. I bet it would kill it outdoors. Its solid and easy to grow, excellent/ quality smoke. I'm really finding all of Karma's gear to be quite nice and there's a good selection of variety to choose from. I have heard randomness is what you can expect from barney's seeds. I don't have a huge amount of personal experience with their (Barney's) genetics. My friend had 5 phenotypes of the Jack Cheddar and they were all real similar. Good luck man! Hope that helps!

Waayne's got a good LSD!! DAMN!!!
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