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hey guys i have friends expressing interest in an indoor garden on oahu but we are unsure if it will be worth it for a few people to split the proceeds from a small med garden. we basically want to know if 12kw is within the realms of safety or will it be a sky high electric bill that will send up a red flag or something similar. I havent ever been to the islands but my friends are already there and basically want me to come out and set up a grow and stay for a while. what do you think


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Wassup dude

How big of a space would it take to build a room that will support 12kw of light???

Not to mention the veg area???

I'd imagine a decent sized place, and rent is ridiculous out here. Also in HI you can only be a caretaker for 1 person, I know, it sucks. But it is, what it is. So you would need to have some roommates to make it work, assuming you're trying to go all "legal" haha!

I'll try my best to help answer your ?s

Peace out, Aloha!

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Hi Z-ro. I don't grow inside but elec is super high here. Sounds like Fat knows what's up.Good luck on your adventure. Aloha
Pakalolo Laau

Pakalolo Laau

Electric on Kauai is a drag. Big money with that kind of systems. I know guys that pay 1000 a month for 1.8kw set up. Especially when you add in the AC's and extras. Hawaii is hot and humid. Have fun trying to keep it indoors 24/7. Mites will prosper indoor if you can't keep it real cool. You can do outdoor, but GH flies all the time. Good luck on your mission.
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