Growing my own meds.

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Hey folks, glad to be here and looking forward to learning from you all. About to, hopefully, harvest my first grow; outdoor, 5 auto fems in 3 gal pots. Never done this before, flying by the seat of my pants to this point. I cracked all the seeds (White Widow). at the same time, they have all been fed and watered identically but for some reason they all appear to be at different stages. I’m pretty sure the first photo shows bud rot. My question is do I cut out just that bud or should I do the nearest ones even if they aren’t showing signs yet? My second question is do you think the second photo is ready to harvest? I have sooo much to learn but I think it’s going to be a fun journey. Take care.
Growing my own meds
Growing my own meds 2


That's definetly bud rot.

You need to remove all the affected part and trash them asap.

Then you have two option.

Harvest everything and don't worry too much your plant look rip enough you'll most prolly get a nice taste and nice high.

Or try your luck pushing what remain one or two more week, sometime you'll win and bud rot won't show again sometime you'll loss and bud rot happen again and it's better to chop the plant.
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