Growlog...2 White Rhinos In A Grow Box.

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The growbox is up and running. I will keep this post for the actual grow. All the hypotheticals and figuring are done. This is what I did.
Growbox Dimensions - 23 x 16 x 34 inches
Light-Timber Framework Vero (20o watts)
4 inch fan is pulling the air out and pushing it through a 4 inch profilter 45S
2 white rhino seeds from Canuck seed bank
Both are in solo cups at the moment but I will put them in 1 gallon pots with coco coir for soil.
GH nutes will be used for this grow. I have started with a light feeding and will increase when they are past the seedling stage.
The light is at its lowest dimable setting right now to get things started. I will LST the plants to fill the box and then flip the switch. On 18-6 now. One seed has broken the surface. And away we grow again.
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I might build a short hydroponics system for next time and scrog one plant. I think I can rock this box ! I have said that before and been successful and it had nothing to do with weed.


I stopped in the growbox due to outside temps getting really cold. I moved these into autopots in the 4 x 4. May I will restart my garage experiment.


I’ve been farming in a 20inch x 18inch x 4 foot tall box for a while
I’ve done boxes close to your size....
My server case box was really close....

200 watts will work fine
What type of 4 inch fan are you useing ,
Muffin or inline or inline duct fan....
( please please please don’t say inline duct fan...)
I’ve found with a small space HEAT will be a issue.
Especially with the led drivers in your small space.
Go out and turn on your cab for a test.
Let it run lights on for 12 hours then take the ambient (room/garage) air temp.
Then with lights on take the interior or your box temps.
Subtract the 2 and that’s your air temp difference. Your shooting for 2-3 degrees difference.
Also you can veg earlier than may, probly
March or April.
Just set your fan timer to come on for 5-10 min every couple of hours.
Or pick up a fan speed controller. This is another way to control your boxes temps. Slower speed= warmer box.
The leds (and drivers) will keep your box temps warm enough for vegging.
I also used the same reflective material.
Remember it insulates also.

Lst is great, but I have found through trial and error that LST needs a bigger space to be most efficient and to the get the most out of your grow.
In small spaces you must use your space efficiently.
Scrog is the way to go for most bang for your buck.
With a scrog dialed in, you can easily pull 3-4 oz off 2 plants in your space.
Much less with LST in the space you have. You’ll still get good bud, just not as much.
Just my personal observations.
Remember that micro/ cab grows as the grow space gets smaller your parameters shrink also.
No mater which way you farm, kick back, relax and enjoy the process.
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I use a 4 inch ducting tube to bring the air out. I mounted a 4 inch inline filter on the box and push the air through a 4 inch Phresh filter. I recently purchased a 20 x 36 x 63 inch tent that I will try this may (and I have a phillips whisper 4 inch fan I need to wire up). The sound will vanish and I can scrog 1 plant better. I have a single general water farm I will use to see how it works. That is in a couple of months.

Ultimately I believe I might just veg in the small tent and flower in the 4 X 4 with the 315 CMH.

I am sticking to a 4 plant limit and just having a bunch of fun along the way. Learning to have green thumbs and I have not had to buy weed in 17 months or so :)

I am looking for the sweet spot now.

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