Gypsy Nirvana Arrested in Manilla


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I can assure you that chem and Rez are 2 different people. Chemdog is Gregory Krzanowski. I have met Rez personally and I can assure you he is NOT Gregory Krzanowski aka Chemdog.

I know Rez true name but I am not about to start spreading tha around the net.

But Rez is a shady character and I can not believe the shit he did to some friends whilst enjoying their hospitality.
I respectfully disagree. Rezdog is Gregory Krzanowski. His last activity on another site was 7-27-11. Just a few days before his arrest.
The law found out about him when they intercepted a package of seeds at Logan airport, destined for seedbay/seed Boutique. Rezdog has not been
heard from since. (Though he posted everyday and had 9k+ posts) His named was listed on a spanish site years ago as Rezdog or Reservoir seeds.
Also, his forum name is formed in part by his real name (Krz - the k is silent) His case was taken over by the fed and all the growing and possession charges
were dropped in favor of money laundering and tax evasion. Same as Gypsy. He was fined around 400k and 5 years probation. No jail or prison.
Wonder how he worked that one out?