H&G Amino Treatment - The Shiznit!!

After reading about this product and people talking it sounds the one. I believe it makes the plant up take all nutrients that are in the medium / system.????
The ratios are great aswell like the rest of the line. Has anyone else used or heard anything of it. The 1litre bottle comes in a case like a fine whisky..... amazing. You have made it when your buying nutrients that come in cases.....ha ha

The guys that already have their strain/room/nutes dialed in and possibly getting 2 lbs per 1k. You gotta wonder if this stuff will improve anything at all.

Regarding the fine case... That's just marketing and should probably be a red flag that the product is for guppies.

But even if all it improves is taste or allows you to use less nutes, then it could be worth it.

QuarterbackMoe got a bottle a couple weeks ago.
I just picked up a 1 liter container of amino treatment recently for 180.. i couldnt tell you how good it is tho until at least most of the way through the first run with it. Im running it eith the complete set. I have no doubts it will be a fantastic product because every product in their line is top notch. Hopefully some1 updates their results soon but i dont believe it will be for around another month until people truly know what this product offers. If nothing by the time i have some info i will let people know.we can only hope it offers something close to roots exc drip clean or shooting powder. Buying the big bottle the only product more expensive to make a gal of nutes is shooting powder. The small bottle makes it substantially more expensive than all other items in the H&G line.
Another house and garden product with nothing telling us what's inside.
Half of me wants to say its a silica, half of me thinks its another humid/fulvic
o well time to start randomly throwing things in the rez again
Found this on their site... ~ODB~

"Amino Treatment is a revolutionary new product containing high quality silica and amino acids that encourages root development, vegetative growth, and fruit and flower production. Amino acids help increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant, leading to a higher degree of photosynthesis. This makes crops lush and green, increasing plant vigor and overall yields.

Amino Treatment contains a balanced complex of ingredients such as small silicate particles that are much smaller than those that you find in normal silicon. Silicon provides greater tolerance of environmental stresses, such as cold, heat, drought, salinity, mineral toxicity or deficiency. Plants incorporate silicon into their cell wall, forming a protective barrier against harmful pathogens and parasites. Increased levels of silicon protect your plants from stress, heat, and disease while providing building blocks that increase the quality and quantity of your harvest.

Adding Amino Treatment provides a better distribution of leaves, a higher ratio of photosynthesis, robust stems, increased root zone activity, higher quality and quantity of fruits and higher sugar content. Incorporate Amino Treatment into your nutrient schedule to produce stronger, healthier plants with massive root systems and increased resistance to pests and disease. Add Amino Treatment with every watering until three weeks before harvest."
Norcal, are using the full line of h and g. If so can you list what you are using.
And what do you think of the full range, also are you using any other product not from the line???? Many thanks, im just asking cos i was going to do a run using only their nutes noting at all from another company
I'm also interested in their nitrogen booster product coming out.. Suppose to be pure nitrogen and real concentrated. Sounds interesting.

House and Garden nutrients are some of the cleanest salt based nutes I've used. Burned to strait White ash. Little less salty than the Flora Nova that I'm using now.... ~ODB~
Its silica. On house and gardens facebook page they have a link going to their official site saying its a silica product
That's got 2 b the most expensive silica product ever if it's silica.. That can't b all it is or that the biggest burn ever..
Dam wish I could get a link up but im on my phone
amino acids+silica
Application rates are like. 2-1ml/g
even says to stop 3weeks before chop
They have a big q+a section about it at their official .us webpage
I never

i never used this perticular product from h&g but my best grows were always with hg nutes. I ide try it and compare it to other plants that wernt administered..
Here's everything I could find on Amino Treatment.
We got a 1L bottle in SF back in June or July. They told us it is Silica based, but doesn't seem to raise pH at all. It does have some PPM and will raise your EC a bit though. The application rates are on the new feed charts, when we asked H&G about the nutrient calculator, they said it would be updated with Amino Treatment within the next 2 weeks.
We have been hearing about this product for a while, since it was first penciled in as 'Williams Work'. We were told that there is some secret process around extracting what's released from 1000's of germinating seeds. It helps plant health, bouquet, etc, when asked about yield, not so much. It is a quality enhancer.

New H&G Product Announcement - Amino Treatment

Amino Treatment

New Feed Charts & Nutrient Calculator
New H&G Feed Charts
I do use their complete line and love everything about it. I got clones from a collective because i stopped growing for a few monthd and gave all my mothers away and they werent very healthy. After two feedings with the H&G veg feeding including amino treatment they jus about couldnt look healthier. After seeing them look pretty deficient right after getting them i thought it would take more than a couple days. I cant say amino treatment did it all on its own and why would i but it definitely looks like a promising product. I hope some1 else is further ahead and updates their results soon but this product has me excited and i will check in and update how it is going. Amino treatment i believe did say it had silicon in it. They describe it on their site.
H&G are always more expensive than other lines but when your using. 4 ,1.1, 3.8 , etc... ml per gal it really cuts the price down a lot. Im curious to know what other complete lines cost per gal but H&G when buying the bigger bottles is fifty cents in veg and anywhere from $1 to $1.50 a gal in flowering.. to me that is fairly cheap and doesnt come close to breaking the bank. I worked at a grow for a collective and for the first year them spent 1ka a week on advanced nutes thdm i started talking about H&G nutes to them and I was already donating my stuff and they loved it. We did a trial run with advanced on a 2 4x4 tables n the same room both under 600s same strains yada yada. Once the rest of advanced nutes were gone they stocked up on H&G. Ive ran maybe 5 different line ups and have always done 1on run and went back to H&G... every1 has their own opinions but i would recommend running this line b4 anything else when it comes to growing. Ive used soil and now use coco but ran aqua flakes at the collective and have really seen great success with all of em. No matter what line i use id always use roots excelurator and drip clean... shooting powder should prob be on that list to because it never leaves a bad taste because the salt breaks down so well.
Bah H&G is overpriced. You want cheap and effective use GH micro/bloom/grow
or Cutting Edge Solutions or Botanicare CNS-17 and so on.

Slight mods to those cheap base nutes can give me better results.

5 bucks says H&G drip cleans secret ingrediant is Citric Acid.

H&G is pulling some AN bullshit. My 6 month old bottle roots excel. 1.3%nh4

New bottles are 0.1 nh4 and 0.1 n03 so......hmmm so what pgr's or hormones did they not list?

my guess maybe a lil IBA, NAA and Brass

What Effect Does Brassinolide Have On Root Development?

A study 1 concluded that Brassinolide increased the growth of the primary root by 90%. Another study 2 concluded that a 0.0001 PPM application for 8 hours has the best results for the creation of some roots.

1. http://abstracts.aspb.org/aspb1997/45/5180.shtml
2. http://www.springerlink.com/content/u2g5141484114183/#search="brassinolide roots ppm"
brass quote info from superbiz
Maybe Tria

who knows