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Hey everybody..
As you can obviously see, Im new to the THC Farmer community.. but I've been on BBay for a few years on my own avatar and used my ex-partner's before that. My avatar there is also Half-step.

So, anyway, Im a soil/organics grower, never erun hydro before, but have been looking into trying a DIY 5-gal DWC setup for yield...

Im a dude out of the east coast, in the north, lets say new england.. med state? I wish. Plans are to get the hell out of here as soon as I have the funds to do so, which isn't easy being disabled and having a limited grow, as in a non med state, you cant just be running 10K W rooms. 2-3K max..
Right now I just have a 600W HPS for bloom, but am investing in a 315W Plasma system @ 4K color temp. Its equal to about 940W of an HID, and I was gonna get a 1000W MH for the mix in spectrums, which kills it...
Im used to having a 400W MH on each side of my 600W HPS, all Hortilux, Super HPS and Hortilux BLUE MH's(best spectrum in an HID bulb).. where the spectrums mix the plants just grow so nice... and I will be running 315W and be getting a better PAR than almost any 1000W output of a MH(other than the BLUE, maybe GE/Phillips also, heard they're great, never seen a spectral chart though.)
I also supplement w/ cfl's, and veg w/ flouros, T8s and 12s and cfls(100W equiv) 23W daylight and warm. They're great for veg and flower for a little shaded or slightly dark spot in the grow, or say behind a big cola thats shading everything behind it, you get light on that other side again and on the part that was shaded. If I could afford it, Id run 2x4' T5 strips all along the perimeter of my light footprint. some day.

I've been growing for maybe 8-9 yrs, first few only outdoor w/ bagseed, and started doing indoors in maybe 2006 or 2007 seriously for the first time. Back then I ran synthetics in organic soil, as I didn't know any better... I actually back then didn't yet have an HID system and rigged up 3-4 T8 32w & T12 40w 4' shop lights, and prolly 50-60 23w warm cfl's. I rigged it up pretty nice, and got at least 3-4 good runs with a total of somewhere around 650-700 w's before buying my HPS. Digital Galaxy ballast, 6yrs+ running strong.

Also I got my first seed order w my partner at the time, where it was at his place.. we had a really nice cut of "Silver Pearl" (Early Pearl x Skunk#1 x NL#5) (dont know whats %50 and %25 of what though).. it was actually quite a nice cut though, def oldschool Skunk and NL there.. Id kinda like to try it again(if I had access, just to compare to what I've run since)
Also bought my first beans then from a seedbank, got a "deal" fro DeSjamman or whatever hes called, and got a package deal that you buy 3-10 packs, get a 5-pack free.. Now I was def fine with germing beans, cloning, etc, just not too experienced yet.. at this time.. but..
I would never order any gear from them again... It was a free 5-pack of 'Thai", and the 3 10-packs were "Purple Widow", "Holland's Hope", and "Durban Poison"... not 1 DP germed, I think from the germ rates, we had like 7-8 plants of all those combined at the same time, popped everything.. ended up w/ a nice looking Purple Widow male, but didnt have a use at that time, and 1 HH and 1 Thai female... so we got 2 fem's of 35 seeds. Never again. And it was the gear, not inexperience, plus the genetics sucked anyway, we didnt keep either female.

So I've been buying most of my gear through bbay, as its just so damn nice, small, trustworthy, and you get respect and direct contact w/ breeders. And pretty much everyone there is a cool person
anyway, I used to be a 'soup-style' organics grower, I've recently been experimenting indoors and out with The Rev's TLO techniques... but instead of cooking my soil first(I am now, but havent done it yet), my last indoor grow I used a mix of 4? different high-quality potting soils, a pretty hot mixes..
and I cut them with coco, compost, worm castings, and perlite. I do wanna replace a lot of my perlite w/ bio-char in the near future...just have to make some.. its basically free, just a little work, and you get the good drainage & aeration like perlite/pumice, except, its also a great source of carbon, helps w/ cation exchange, and beneficial fungal growth. And of course, i love my AACT/compost tea's
Anyways, I've been using layers and spikes of custom blends of dry amendments, and got some great quality buds my first indoor run w/ them, and they've been going great outdoors, except the bigger ones are running out of food a little bit early... so Im glad I picked up another qt of AN's Iguana Juice bloom to feed the plants that need it, along w/ some silica & extra secondaries.. might be a little late for another tea.

Im not an official medical patient, but have mad back issues, herniated and bulging disks, totalling 8 now, degrading disks, scoliosis, arthritis, through my whole spine... many injuries... should be dead at least a few times over.. as quoted by surgeons and regular docs. Anyway, Im mainly into indica's and hybrids, as I always need some CBD in my smoke... Im planning a high-CBD run w/ some really special gear gifted from Bodhi. And most are non-releases and/or freebies at some places.. mine all freebies.. lol. sorry guys.
Anyone thats a Bodhi fan knows that he made a line called "Good Medicine" as a start to a high-CBD strain project.. the lineage is [Harlequin x (Green Crack x Tres Dawg)]... He also took a male of the good medicine and made a Harlequin bx, and hit it to the Herijuana cut.. which is unreleased, as is Herijuana x Snow Lotus.

Anyway, so Im more of an indica man...

My favorite breeders(that I've run) are TGA, Dynasty, Bodhi, Gooeybreeder, Dank Dairy, Trichome Jungle, Outlaw, Sonic, and some nice things by private breeders.
I've been collecting genetics seriously for maybe 4-5 yrs now, and have a nice stock of gear..

Id say, my favorite strains I've run in the past would be TGA's "Jack the Ripper", "Qush", "Cheesequake"; Outlaw's "Gorilla Grape" and "Dojaberry", Bodhi's "Wookie", Elite's "Ultimate Chemdog D '08", Beanhoarder's (Chemdog D x SSH)... prolly more, but thats a decent list...

Im currently running:
Indoor (everything in veg, waiting for a new place i need to find in a week so I can start flowering again, as I cant run them where I have them vegging.[long story I cant tell anyway])

Bodhi's: *Snow Lotus = (Afgooey x Blockhead) // *Appalachia = (Green Crack x Tres Dawg)
Super Lotus (MSS x Snow Lotus)
Moonwalk (Chem #3 x Apollo 11 genius pheno)
Goji OG (Nepali OG x Snow Lotus)
White Lotus (The White x Snow Lotus)
Sunshine Daydream (Bubbashine x Appalachia)

"Honeymoon Mix" - 2 different females, both look indy dom, def never grew them before. These were gifts to everybody on bbay when it was even smaller than it is now, when sub and mz. jill got married, they are mixpacks of every line they had at the time 2008? - before BCS or bubba x's, and also threw in some rare BOG gear and rare old TGA gear like JCB and Dannyboy.
"Black Dahlia f3" - (unreleased) (Black Cherry Soda x Querkle) -f3's by one of the few testers, who stabilized it quite well.

Benny's (friend who made the BD f3s)
"Pink Mama" (TGA's Black Dahlia f1 X Bodhi's Yo Mama (Afgooey x Appalachia)]

(Devilberry x Strawberry Creme)

"Sour bubble bx3" f2s f2'd by ohsogreen of ISP

TGA's "Qush" (2 phenos), "JCII", "Cheesequake", "Ace of Spades"
Bodhi's "Wookie" (Big Buddy's Lavender x Appalachia), "Super Lotus" (MSS x SL)
Trichome Jungle's "Larry Smurf" (LL OGK x Smurf)
Beanhoarder's "(Chemdog D x SSH)"

then I have a few OD plants in small containers not far into flowering that i put out last minute, didnt transplant on time, so i think I might bring em in as little small plants..
GooeyBreeder's Kona Sunset, Helloweed, Fevered Pitch
Omni's (Cheeseberry Haze x Wonder Woman)
TGA's "Chernobyl" (s1s by me), and maybe a Pandora's ox f2 by Canasuer/pistils.
Elite's "Ultimate Chemdog D 08" [Chemdog D x (Chem '91 x Sour Diesel IBL)] (S1s by me)
Bodhi's "Good Medicine"
Dynasty's "Caramel Cough"

nect seed run will start in my new place, hopefully in aweek, and Ill be testing a few strains for breeders, including Outlaw's new versions of old lines (lost his f1 male in the bust in '08; "Gorilla Grape II" ( Purple Urkle x Double Purple Doja f3) & "East Coast Purple Diesel II" (ECSD x DPD f3)
, also prolly will be running Bodhi's Harlequin bx & maybe Snow Leopard.. and then also Sonic's "Pinequeen V2" and maybe (Pynamite x Shimla). Also maybe (Chemdog 91 x True BB) or (Chemdog 91 x SpaceDawg).

Well, thats about it.. sorry for the long intro.. guess I have kinda a lot goin on.
Thanks for reading, Ill put up some threads from my most recent grow when I get a chance. And my OD stuff too.



Living dead girl
Welcome! :D I still use the T8's & T12's. Hell, I used to grow corals and giant clams with those things, plants're easy.

I'm more of a Sativa gal, m'self. Love that 'get bizzy' 'up' high that lets me work through my aches and pains. May you find the means to safe & legal medical use with a quickness.


welcome to the farm!

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