hallo Karma Genetics coming on board.....


dna genetics

hello there welcome to the farm.
its nice to have some KARMA around hope it's good karma..
Welcome to the Farm and Enjoy it here !!


p s: what is that previous message about ?? lol Spam already ... arg
Nice to see more users get here. Congrats with the 3rd place with your Kushage #16 at the 420 cup in the sativa cat.
Oh boy i have been a bad membe. One post in 4 months..... I totaly forgot about this place sorry.

I hope i can still make up for it tho... ha ha ha ha

it wont happen again. he he There is a lot of good folks here all together without any trolls ... Got a few days of reading to do here he he
Welcome, i dig that this place has such a large active link to the breeders. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to those who grow what you produce.