Hard water/well water testing?

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I have well water at my house that I don't drink. My plants currently don't either, but i used to water them with it when I had less options years ago but never tested anything.

So I get absopure water delivered in 5gallon jugs thanks to Conoco due to an oil leak in a pipeline less than a mile from my house. They say the water is drinkable for me when I called and that they just still deliver the water in the agreed amount radius out of the goodness of their hearts. I don't buy it. Been about 15 years now.

My neighbor had colligan water come out and test his well (fellow grower he is) they said they wouldn't drink it and to get his well shocked he had to go through the state and do all their tests to have it done. My thing is I don't really trust the state to want me drinking optimal water, look at what they do to city water with all the hormones and chemicals. Maybe I'm paranoid but I don't think I want the state controlling whether or not my well water is cool.

Tl:Dr. Just lookin to have my water tested privately for minerals and contaminants, where do I begin?

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