Harvest time, leaves not yellow. Problem?

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Hey all! First grow, first post on the forum! I have a couple questions about bud ripening and harvest that I was hoping I could get some help with. But first some background info.

I’m growing Skywalker OG, in soil, under a Next Light Core (190w).

First question: my plant started growing pistils a little over a week before I flipped to 12/12. I’ve been considering my flowering phase as starting the day I flipped, but I read somewhere that the first sign of pistils is when flowering should be considered as starting. Any ideas on which it is?

secondly, I’m just over 7 weeks of flowering (if I’m considering the light flip as the start). I’m seeing a lot of cloudy trichomes, hardly any Amber, and a few still clear. Feeling like a lot of my pistils have turned brown. I’m thinking I’ll wait another week or so before I harvest. Everything seems to align with that plan EXCEPT that none of my leaves are turning yellow or anything.

is this a problem? Just wondering because my pistils and trichomes seem to be aligned in terms of how far along they are, but I was expecting to have some leaves yellowing by now.

I started flushing one week ago, and have now done two rounds of it. Maybe I just need to keep going with the flushes?

Any feedback greatly appreciated! Just go easy on me, it’s my first time!



I start the flower clock about a week to 10 days after flip. If you want them to fade more cut back on the nitrogen earlier. Looks like you have about a week or a little more to go. Great job, beautiful plant fora beginner.
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