Harvesting first grow. Questions.

Hey all, I’m in the process of trimming my first grow and I’ve got a question on how far I trim down the leaves.

I feel like I see 3 kinds of leaves. Fan, smaller fan leaves in buds (still 3 fingers), and then these smaller leaves that are like 1/2” attached to every calyx.

Do I trim these too? And, to the stem? Or is getting the leaf that sticks out from the bud enough? See pic below.

This is tedious, y’all weren’t kidding!


The ones circled are the smallest leaves nestled in the bud. These are “sugar leaves”? And, take them to the stem or just as much as I can with the trimmers grazing the bud?
FYI, what I ended up doing was taking out any sizable leaves and then trimming the ends off the smaller leaves. I don’t have the patience for this apparently lol.
I get my girlfriend to do it. She takes her time and gets every little one to the stem. It makes the bud lighter and I am sure damages the trichs more, but I process all that trim anyways. It's nice making the bud I smoke normally taste a bit less leafy.

I am sure most people just trim what sticks out though.