Has anyone ever grown from Heries seeds ?

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Has anyone ever grown from this seedbank and of so whats your opinion on it ?


i grew their own strains grandmommy purple and apple betty, all popped. plants were pretty healthy. i think i harvested both in 12 weeks if im not mistaken. Still have some jars left 😎
now i wanna try runtz punch, my friend says it's worth


I have and most have been good, just keep in mind they are also a distributor, meaning they also ship seeds from about 100 other seed banks, some better than others. The ones I picked last time came from the Netherlands and Spain, I know Barney's farm was one bank and they have a pretty decent reputation I think.


I used herbies for my early grows. No problems. I just didn't like the international part and my credit card company trying to be my nanny by declining the charges. Had to pay with bitcoin.


I've only ever ordered seeds from Herbies. Granted... I've only ordered seeds once, lol. I ordered a bunch of different strains, all feminized. I picked Herbies cause it was the easiest place, for me(after trying several other seedbanks and not being able to complete the transaction), to order seeds from. I think in the end I just linked an account and wired payment.

I know you are probably not interested in this part, but the seeds came with a shirt and I actually really really like the shirt. It's just a plain black shirt, but it feels good and wears nice. I didn't expect a shirt, lol.

Anyways, I am in the middle of, well my first grow ever, using Grandmommy Purple from them. We just entered into week 3 flower. It's been a long journey, as I popped 1 seed, then turned that into a mother and took 4 clones from her. So 4 plants, one seed. Looking back... probably should have just popped 4 seeds and saved like 10 weeks ahahahahah. But it was actually an awesome experience for me.

I have nothing else to compare this to as it's my first grow, but this plant bounced back from a lot of things. Very tough and resilient. Has some awesome traits, too. Like the double serrations on the leaves. I even spotted a triple serration, lol. But seriously I posted photos, one is the leaf with one spot of triple serration.

I also experienced a weird thing called "fasciation" with this plant. But it only occurred on one lower branch and after cloning I topped it and the fasciation did not continue or appear again.

Frosty closeups are from day 22 of flower(yesterday).
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20221026 041744346
20221108 051722214
20221221 001310474
20230107 005848684
20230111 062712439
20230111 063419092
20230111 064004066
20230111 065108488
20230105 044322561
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One of my mail get lost but they replaced it for free, now I order only with these guys
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