Has enyone tried delta 8 thc

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So i was in a smoke shop in CT were the assholes still make you get a card and have not legalized and cultivating is a major no no, so i heard all this hype about delta 8 thc derived from hemp the cartridge i bought cost $40 with 1000mg d 8 took 1 puff and you know your high, to me there is no difference than the stuff they sell at dispensary for less cash, bought oarnge kush bc all it is is d8 and terpiens no paranoia, but im not an everyday smoker, nice amber color that means they extracted it correctly without useing bleach during the extraction prosses, so those of you who like vapeing give it a try or not ibut if u like vape cartridges i think you will be happily suprised i can tell no difference. But look at ingredients its made from hemp extracted to purity then add terpiens it does lead up to its hype but make shure you buy legitimate stuff it came with a lab report and the box it was in was like fort knox he had cheaper ones for less but they had cdb in it this is pure delta 8 and you most definitely get baked.
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