Heights and settings that have worked best for you?

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I have the MH FC-E4800. I have photone and have been trying to keep my plants in certain par ranges as experiments.

I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions of what has worked well for you.

As an example I currently have 6 plants that around 26 days old and are on their 5th node. I have been trying to keep the ppfd around 300, but I think I should increase it slightly soon. To do this my light is currently at 22" at 55% power. The plants are about 3-6.5" tall. The shorter ones still have 5 nodes, but I would prefer them to grow up a little more. I have an 80" tent height, but have never had plants taller that midway up the tent (4x4)

Is there any benefit to achieving the same par in another way? Ex. putting the light at the top of the tent, but turning the power to 75-100%. Obviously this would waste more energy, but maybe it would keep the tent cooler? I have a humidifier in the tent keeping it 65%, but I'm noticing a little canoeing/tacoing on a couple of the plants. This is my 3rd grow and want to keep the plants healthy and happy. Any advice, suggestions, settings you personally use?
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