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Hold up wait a minute let me put some pimpin in it.

I`m a love maka aka heart breaka, the magic Don Juan.

Ever heard of a playa with no game? I speek the truth to get wat I want and act with no shame.

Just a guy who really loves weed and all the other good things in this world. Started growing last year, pretty new at this but enjoy learning and caring for my girls.

Peace, love and a little bit of Mary Jay* :happy:

dna genetics

welcome to the farm D&C glad to have you around:)
keep it real


hy d&c take a look on grow F.A.Q there's a lot of info for u.
Nice to have u here
see u soon

Mr B

Atlast you got here!! He he!! :p

Don Juan Playa :laugh: Hahaha
Another OC representer!! :D
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