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i am quite surprise to see so many francophone here ..i am french too
i am growing for the last 12 yrs or so ..but i am getting better at every harvest ..i like to go fishing at least 5 days a weeks just a few hrs at a time with my dog seven .my goal is not really to catch monsters fish but to spend quality time outdoor with seven .

i am growing illegally .just because my doctor do refuse to write me a script .he had no problem to write me a script 20 yrs ago for me to have my disability and even ask me to applies for a handicaped parking in order to help .i do have all of the arthritis there is .i also have very bad bones structure .i just turn 50 yrs old this june ..if you would look at me .i am sure you would think there is nothing wrong with me .i have in the past 4 yrs broke around 20 bones .i just stop counting way to depressive .according to my specialist for ra i do have the body of a 99 yrs old man .on the outside you cannot tell .i am married 11 yrs in mai this yrs
but was living with her for 12 yrs before we decide to get married .
myself i am not a father .my wife have 2 kid i did raise them for the last 25 yrs or so .one still home the other did move on her own and now have 2 kids ..i do babysitted them every weekend .and all summer long 10 yrs and the oldest will be 12 next month .if there is anything you want to know about me ..hey ..just ask ....i did just a little bit of reading here but so far it look extremely good ..i am here to learn to be a better grower and to share the little i do know ......peace ...7...


welcome to the farm seven.
cool to have some new french members:)


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