hello all

hello all. i am a medical patient and farmer from northern california. i've been growing off and on since the late 80's. i became medical 4 years ago due to pain issues. i am currently running 2 600 watt HPS in my 3 x 6 flower room. i have 2 250 watt MH in a 24" x 42" veg room. i may soon change these to t-5's. i have a clone drawer i use when needed. i also grow outdoors and am currently starting this years garden. i love the bubble hash and have spent a lot of long hours working out my techniques. i feel i've gotten it figured out. i have a wonderful wife of 16 years and a son who just turned 13. we're cat people and we have a lot of fun together.

i'm looking forward to meeting others and sharing our experiences. see you all soon. :cool: