Hello Fellow Farmers...this is CSI: HUMBOLDT and I'm the Nspecta

Well, I coulda swore someone started a thread in here earlier...but...I had work to do first before I had a chance to post...very strange...I always think I missed something when thangs go missing. :woot:

Anyways...on with the intro...

Many of y'all, I'm sure, know me from around the net...a good handful of ya I consider friends, allies, & accomplices in the real world. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a bottomless pit of useless knowledge ;) as well as a staunch believer in truth, honesty, integrity, & ethics in regards to the breeding & sharing of our favorite girl MaryJane. :cool:

I've battled with the idea of starting a seed company for years...I always found some excuse to not do it (too risky, shady business, difficult industry to uphold ones ethics in, etc., etc....)...well, I've finally decided to sell my soul, errr, some seeds. :D

With that said...I'm looking to have my first drop sometime in June. I'm planning to provide as much information previous to that as I can about all the girls that I play with and treasure...as well as which directions I'm planning to work towards with the various ladies. On that note...I'm a huge proponent of feminized seeds and a large portion of my work is extensively in the selfed & fem hybrid category.

If anyone has any questions...I'm an open book...and I'll never bullshit ya...just the truth & nothing but the truth. :writing:

Hope to see ya around,

Nspecta[/QUOTE Hello Nspecta, much love and respect. Just got a ten pack of some Bubbas Girl's .I'm super excited to get em up. I was wondering if you could direct me to all threads/links/info/education/ as well as photos. I'm interested in growing them thru a scrog net. Any tips or photos on veg/bud cycles plz share your WISDOM. THANK YOU. LOOKING FORWARD TO YR RESPONSE.
So my Sour Urkle and Urkle's Girl are really looking good. I mother ed out 4 of them and plan to run 2 cuts of each mother. I can just tell from the moms I'm gonna be thrilled with order. Thanks. ..
Just started my seed collection and Nspecta's seeds are about 90% of my stock. Got them from BDSC and GLO seed bank. Will post back once I get something growing but I can't wait.