hi new to the page but I have been growing 9+ years. Im going to build an undercurrent type 6 site 27 gallon tote system. My room currently can have up to 12, 600-750 watt gavita's. I have 60,000btu of air and heat if I want it from baseboard. I have a 1HP chiller that I bought yrs ago and never used it. I AM THE KING OF OVER KILL. I just want to grow some awesome girls without all the power. I could fill a storage space with all the extrs light, ballast hood tables crap ive bought over the yrs. I just don't want to buy any thing I don't really need.

I've grown in dirt, good bagged diet, coco, coco mixed. I can kill it in COCO, air pots but im working too many hours a day. Best plant was 3.4 pounds dry, White snake by Karma Genetics. To many buds, not enough patients. I need to down size

My goal is 2LB per site. less power, less hands on time. I need a yard sale