Hello there everyone!

Im New to Here at THC Famers.
Looks Really good forums and topics and alot of information here that i can see too!:cool:

Loving it so far.
Just Noticed this place from a Leaflet i got in AMSTERDAM recently, so i thaught id check this out, and then once checked, decided to JOIN...:happy:

Im also a memeber of a few other sites, but this one, is Another id Love to SHARE and RECIEVE information on KNOWLEDGE of MJ growing in General!

THANKS everyone here at THCfarmer,



Staff member
Hey welcome on down to the farm glad you found our flyer over in the dam :D
Thanks everyone!

Thanking everyone for their support and very welcoming words...:cool:

Loving the Vibe already, and would recomend this site to a BUDDY no-problem too, very informative site indeed, with pleanty of everythig needed, including Video;s on growing!?!? :cool::)

Thanking you all for you KIND words,


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Dubspinna glad you made it over the fence onto the farm:)

welcome to the farm
Always pleased to do so.....lol

Glad to have reached the FARM, as that is where my good trade lies!!! lol

Thanking you all for the Welcoming!

Hope to get things up n running very shortly!

AK48 grow, from Nirvana seeds,lol, a lil PHENOTYPE of real quality POTENCY, has been found, and cloned and now growing out itself again!

Pics n thread to come ASAP folks,