Help finding certain strains + Quality - Recommend a place!

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Smokin Tree

So I'm lookin for a club that gets sort of a consistent and quality supply of meds like OG / Diesel / Chem. Ya the hyped up strains, smoked lots of stuff from diff places and this is what works for me but theres a seems tough to find around ann arbor and half the time its not the real deal or shitty quality. Anyone have a recomendation for a decent club in A2 or within a 2hr drive from A2? I'm prepared to get dry fucked for good quality lol!

Thanks for any help, really only lookin for these meds.


I agree with you. Been to the A A dispensary and tried their Ogers Kush hybrid and a Sour Diesel hybrid and neither one was even close to the clone. I mean it was like daylight and dark. The buds were moist, too moist for a dube really. Even let it dry out and at best the feeling lasted 45 minutes and for $20 per gram.
We need a good dispensary that doesn't charge an arm n leg for top quality meds for sure. If they had the elite clones it would probably be $30-40 per gram.
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