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So my air pump went out after about 14 months. I would like to find one that's not quite so loud and lasts longer than a year. Anyone know of a good one?
I'm running 4 - 5gal. Buckets with a 16 gallon reservoir. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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these aren't too annoying. About 75 bucks CDN. Often sell out. Can be turned down. Makes them more quiet.


I like these type. Way more air plus you can adjust the flow of each line. If you set it on something that doesn't vibrate, it's pretty quiet. I really can't tell how quiet as my fans are loud so I'm use to alot of noise. Let's just say Ill never have a problem with my stones getting plugged lol, I'll blow them off the line before they plug. All 6 of my stones have the same flow too, something those others didn't really do for me.

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Your not going to like what I say but Here it is. Don't use an air pump at all. Use water surface agitation. Waterfalls, fluming any type of water movement. Air pumps don't put air in the water they agate the surface of the water allowing for o2 to enter the water through the atmosphere. The same that waterfalls and fluming do. Our atmosphere contains O2 and CO2. Air pump agate the water but they also introduce CO2 also. Leaves love CO2, but roots hate it, roots love O2, but leaves hate it. So if your tired of chasing your PH up and down the street, and the heat your blowing up their ass, and the nice humming, oh don't forget the expenses of air pumps. When I look around in nature I don't see any air pumps. Just the wind and the physical movement of water. Just a thought, I could be wrong.
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