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First time growing outdoors. I frequently enrich soil with organic material. Grass clippings, fruit and vegetables scrapes. Everything thrives in my garden. I generally do not add any fertilizer. I mixed in some old happy frog potting soil from leftover grow when I transplanted. And top it with some organic soil. I was getting some.yellowing older fan leaves. So I water with a bat guano tea. But problem continues. Saw a post that a 9-4-5 fertilizer blend was good for outdoor d growing So I found something similar in my local nursery. It was a time released. Problem continued. So I gave it a fox farm trio watering. Still persisted. I checked my ph. It was a little high. 7.5 -7.75. So I add a ph lower. Now I am up too calimagic. I guess i should have said I waited about 4-5 days between each attempt. Plant is getting bigger top part looks great. Lower older fan leaves is the issue. TRYING to prevent any further damage. Started with just yellowing on leaves, then redish leaf views, now brown curl. On a postive note my tomatoes look great. I am going away so any help before I go would be greatly appreciated


They look overfed. Stop feeding them anything except one good soaking of water only for the next 2 or 3 days and let them stabilize. You're not giving them time to react to what you are doing.
Plants react quick, but you still have to wait for new growth to find out if it worked.


It could be over watering or you need to give more cal mag. It looks like a cal mag def. the damaged leaves are to late to fix. If newer leaves don’t show any problems then you fixed it.
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