Help please! Whats causing this?

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thanks guys i really appreciate it! btw real quick.

this is week 7 is this female or male?
IMG 20230217 004428
IMG 20230217 004433
IMG 20230217 004507
IMG 20230217 004428
IMG 20230217 004422
IMG 20230217 004415


how to use them? should i mix them together? or use separately between veg stage and flower? sorry I'm really new at this
You're plants are still in the vegetative state where they are building branches and leaves. If you use the nutrients I suggested you would use the Grow nutrient. Once you're ready to change your light schedule to induce flowering(I'm assuming you have a photoperiod seed plant) water in a mixture of both Grow and Bloom for a couple of watering cycles before you change your light schedule. Once you've gone to 12 hours on/ 12 hours off you'll want to stop using the Grow and use only the Bloom.

I would also suggest that you pick up some sort of bloom booster to push your final yields up. I like to use Bud Candy from Advanced Nutrients but there are many similar products out there that you can use. I'll let some of the others chime in with what they like to use. I use Bud Candy the first 6 weeks of flower.

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