Help pls !! Leaves are getting spots and plant is droopy

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Hey friends

I have an ongoing problem.

I have some cuttings of an unknown variety.

The problem is that the plant looks weak and tired and the growth has started to be slow..
The leaves (fan leaves) change their color from green to light green - yellow - purple / brown..

The leaves get spots and the plant often falls over .

I think the problem is in the irrigation!?
But I probably don't understand it correctly or I don't find the right balance of the amount of water I should give them?
Maybe I should move them to a bigger planter?!

I noticed it for the first time in the second week of growth (maybe I exaggerated a little with the watering) after that I reduced the amount of water I give them every day and the plants grew, I increased the watering a little and it happened again..
Always trying to balance between dry and wet but the plants and leaves still look droopy..
Whether the soil is dry or wet.

I must point out that as of today there are many roots for some of the plants and for some a little less but there are still some and they drink every day and I even feel that they would like to drink twice a day.

Growing conditions:

fertilizers • House and Garden
osmosis/Ro water
Balance acidity regularly
Manual watering
500 ml planter
Coco + perlite
Hps 600W
Humidity 45%-50%
Lighting hours • 18/6
Unknown strain
Fourth week for growth / Day 2
Help pls  leaves are getting spots and plant is droopy
Help pls  leaves are getting spots and plant is droopy 2
Help pls  leaves are getting spots and plant is droopy 3

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