Help With A Long Overdue Haircut?

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If I’ve learned anything to take into my next run it’s that I definitely should be a more persistent barber. Oh, and also to not let my wife talk me into six plants lol!

I’m about a month or so from chopping them down and I think I should probably get in there and clear some out but I’m not sure where to even begin. Under the net is clear for the most part.

It’s been suggested to me that I lollipop them. I’m assuming I should take it slow as not to upset them. They’ve all have done so well with little intervention by me so I’m always hesitant to do anything.

The ones that are so close to the light just can’t stop doing it. I got tired of of constant LST’ing that I now just pull them all back with a giant twist tie every so often. They don’t seem to care at all. The ones closest have doubled in circumference in less than a week. If it ain’t broke.... 🤘🏻

Six plants, six strains in a 4x4. TSW2000, with FFOF/Perlite/Worm Castings. They are all 34 days into flowering. Middle two are 74 days and outer four are 69 days. I didn’t give them nutes for almost two months and I still barely do now.

The trichomes look so good I just want to lick them!
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