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can any one tell me the best way to cool lights or the size fan i need, im starting to peace to geather a room with some help from u all and trading doing most my self im using 4 1000 bulbs all hoods are differnt picked them up all over i have 1 four inch hood 2 six and an 8 then have to 400 watt lights no air cooled hoods on them wanted to run 8in max fan through them pulling through my charchole filter for this run do u think that will work and will the 2 four hundred watt lights even be worth hanging with the heat it puts out i also have to small ac to help with heat after one good run would lke to brng all hoods and ac to max room will take room is 11x14x11 grow space in room is 14x8x11 any help would be cool:banana1sv6:


If they arent air colled your going to need a big A/C! One 1000 watt light produces 4000 btu's and a 600 watt roughly 2500 btu's. Do the math! Your going to need a high cfm exhaust bigger the better connected to your charcoal filter. You always want negative pressure in the grow room. You are going to have to reassess everything. Looking like problems for sure!


ok well that helps so the two 400 are out so ill run the 4 1000 all are air cooled hoods is it a promble to run throug the charcole filter then throug the light and out of the room i will still have the ac there running to


"You are going to have to reassess everything. Looking like problems for sure!"
You're not doomed. But with the amount of light you're planning to run I think you will need two ventalation systems. One for the lights & another for the charcoal filter. If you are using an air conditioner you don't want to blast your cold air outside! Pull fresh air into the lights and send it back outside (or use it to heat your house, depending on the season). Use the charcoal cannister to vent the room to the outside or to deoderize a sealed system w/co2.
1Kw = 3400BTU -assuming the 1Kw is an efficient heater -some of that energy is absorbed by your plants -But there IS a bunch of heat produced too -maybe a little less than indicated by the previous poster...

Good Luck -All is not lost!

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