Hey guys! Been a long year but my Room is almost ready for plants! switching from HPA to DTW Coco

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Hello! Im normally more of a lurker on these forums but i decide to start participating!

I used to Grow SOG in a 4x4 with a homemade High pressure aeroponic system it was so rad!
No bugs, super fast growth with minimal nutrient and water use.
The 2 issues where Keeping the plants from falling over and needing backup power for the misters.

I moved and at my new place we get day long power outages fairly frequently so Unless i was ready to build/buy a power backup with more juice than my Crappy UPS i had to swtich it up.

Getting ready to do My first Coco run! 2-4 plants in the same 4x4. Ive worked with it before though I kept my Mothers in Coco at my last spot.

My new Grow room/ Home lab is pretty cool though! I got about 100-200square feet of space, Running a 4x4 flower tent and a couple open racks for vegging/moms.

My favorite part is that im setup to run the entire room Negative pressure like normal but then i run my Tent Positive pressure to help with pests.
The front entrance has an "airlock" that i can get changed in. I pump all my air into that room and it acts as a muffler before venting outside.

Anyways wish me luck! looking forward to chatting with yall.
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