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Howdy, and welcome to the Farm!

Life is going GREAT for me! I hope y'all are doing at least half as well as I am, if so, y'all should be doing pretty well!

I've been so busy lately with my Industrial Hemp farm I hardly have time to do anything anymore. Today I am going to take a small vacation for the weekend before we dig in and camp in our field for the next 4 or 5 months. I haven't even had time to check the forums in a long time. Only reason I'm here today is I have a few minutes to guzzle some coffee and relax before I go on my adventure!

Gotta say, THC Farmers.. Life has gotten WAY better since switching to Industrial Hemp! To hell with black/grey market shady business. Being 100% LEGAL is the ONLY way to go, IMHO....


My weed always get u blazedddddddddddddd since 96 to now


If you think the majority of states are not going to ban🔼8 or 🔼10 allot allready have with more to come makeing your legal crop illegal if your growing for the delta 8 only.

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