Hey, man, dwarves are plants, too

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Hello all, new member here from northern Michigan. As the title may suggest, I suspect I managed to make every rookie mistake in the book, thus dwarfing my auto. Or, it's 'normal' - or within the range of 'normal' - and I'm just not used to that 'cause this is my first time actually trying to grow. Either way, she's still a cute little thing. This is day 31 from sprouting.

Hey man dwarves are plants too 2

Just kind of seems to me like a six-inch-tall plant shouldn't be so far into pre-flower. But I don't know much about all this. I've done a lot more research than actual growing. And the majority of reading and research I did was about photos, so, not sure why I chose an auto as my first legit go 'round. I think I started measuring height around March 12th and it was somewhere between 4 and 1/4" and 4 and 1/2".

I do know that I made just about every rookie mistake along the way, though, and from what I'm gathering, when autos get stressed, they're far more likely to flip themselves. Pretty sure I stressed this plant from the get-go by:

Feeding nutrients too early
Transplanting (from Dixie cup to 3 gallon pot)
Giving it way too much light way too early
For the first two weeks of its life, I'm pretty sure the temp of the room my tent is in was way too cold

What do you auto guys/gals think? This was stressed and stunted at some point, right? And flipped itself to flower more or less right after it sprouted? Or am I completely off base here?

Oh, and also:

Jean-O's Genetics
CBD Haze S1 Auto (80-90 days)

Growing in 3-gallon pot in a mixture of mostly ProMix with earth worm castings, perlite, Dr. Earth 4-6-3, a pinch of epsom salt and a few pinches of garden lime. Watering with straight well water.

Some more pics...

Hey man dwarves are plants too 3

Hey man dwarves are plants too 4

Hey man dwarves are plants too 5

Hey man dwarves are plants too 6

Hey man dwarves are plants too


Big B,

It looks like a flowering seedling, sort of. Others will comment.
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