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First time grower here, just got my medical license and decided to give growing a go.See below for grow info:

All six are autoflower plants from ILGM and are on day 26 when this pic and video was taken.

x2 Girl Scout Cookies (pic with the teal tab in the soil)

x2 Bruce Banner (pic with red tab in soil)

x2 Gorilla Glue (pic with the dark blue tab in soil)

Grow info

5x5 Mars Hydro Tent

Light Ts3000
24" from plant tops at 100%
ppfd 500-700 dli 45-53
Running 24/7

5 gallon fabric pots

Medium: 70% coco coir / 30% perilite. I also added about 15% ewc and the following dry amendments 3tb per gallon of 4-4-4 and 1tb per gallon 3-9-4.
Medium PH 6.2
I have not fed the plants any nuts at all other then what I premixed in medium. I have given them a aerated tea with bat guano(7-3-1), worm castings, molasses, alfalfa meal and kelp meal at 10 days and another one at 20 days.

Water: Tap water aerated for 24 hours and Ph 6.3 water temp 67f.
Watering: This is where I get confused, I have yet to water with any run of whatsoever. I could really use some guidance here my soil only dries out on top inch after 24 hours but still remains moist down lower. So far I have been watering every 24 hours with no run of.

Climate control Air Infiniti with 6" carbon filter
Temp 74f RH 67% VPD .9kpa
I have two fans going.

I just found out about VPD about a week ago and corrected it with a humidifier up until last week my VPD was at 1.6kpa which I think is way to high from what I’m reading on the charts.

Anything you can point out that needs adjusting or correcting would be greatly appreciated.
I’m here to learn and not afraid of criticism.

Currently I have two plants with bright yellow leaves (new growth) which to me looks like an Iron deficiency on my next watering I will water to 10%-20% runoff and measure the ppm and ph to figure out if it's a deficiency or a nutrient lockout. I'm hoping this will correct my yellowing on the two plants. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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