Hi every1 another cheese grower here

Hi guys, im jah_hoover and sum of you may know me already and seen my grows on hg420 or on youtube, my good friend Organic herbalist invited me here and said its a gr8 place and he is right it is:) Im also a cheese grower and have been growing it since 2002 and smoking the stuff since 1994, im from home of the cheese and i used to be exodus raver and aquired the clone threw a member 2002 and its been in my growroom ever since.

Heres a sum links to my grows and video's on youtube, please feel free to have a look

YouTube - Original Exodus UK Cheese plant

YouTube - Super Silver Haze,Cheese,Blueberry

YouTube - Cheese pt2

YouTube - Greenhouse uk (indoor)

heres a chees thread that you peepz will like Cannabis and Marijuana seeds :: HomeGrown420 - Original Uk Cheese 5 weeks into flowering
what a warm welcome from everybody:) i feel at home already

im looking forward to sharing knowledge and learning from other growers here

hey Dna i love your chocolope, i tried it in grey area last year and it was sum nice bud man
keep up the good work my friend