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Country girl here thats new to growing. I think I will be going in the coco direction and giving hempy's a shot during the same run. I am in the process of putting together a small veg cab. Wish me luck!! Any help,suggestions,and etc will always be appreciated.I am doing research before I do anything.


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I think coco can be tricky with maintaining proper ph, but dialed in an ebb- flow table,o-ya.
Hempy's never won me over due to slow veg and side by side w/ dirt was not any bigger. Perhaps it's best suited to sm gardens.

Best advice for a newbie- go with soil, Pro-mix rocks for the money. If time and money allow add soil ammendments like worm castings, dolomite lime, perlite.

Have fun, the people at this site are super fuckin nice and glad to help.

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welcome to the farm naturegirl...

so far my experience with coco is its very ph stable as long as you water with 20% runoff each time...

I bought ready to use pre rinsed coco.


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Since your here and "doing research" before ya start i say you will have success whatever medium you choose. I like Pro-mix too but it seems to need a-lot additives like castings etc.. Roots Soil needs less cause its full of good stuff. I do wish u luck. Have fun.


welcome to the farm..i run coco and dont have a problem with PH..only thing i can say is be sure to rinse the coco well and use ammendmants...I run a coco bucket that is impossable to over water..I wish you luck..and if ya need any help..just give a shout..until then..take care and be safe


Welcome to the Farm

Welcome to the Farm!!

My only sugestion is to be sure of your measurements, too much of something and its hard to take it back. Have fun, it can be a real joy!



Welcome to the farm and your new hobby ;)
As RJ stated, coco is quite stable in regards to pH if you water to runoff regularly.
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