Hi Folks

Hi there for those that don't know me my name is Marco Renda and I am a licenced mmj grower / user. Yes I am registered under my REAL NAME as I have NOTHING TO HIDE! I have been around the net for quite some time now and went as far as to start my own mmj site back in May 2002 while challenging the Canadian Government in the courts to distribute MMJ to sick people in Canada it was the HITZIG vs Regina case in Civil Court and we won not only the case but we won the appeal in Ontario Supreme Court. Although we won these cases things here in Canada STILL are NOT RIGHT! I am a full time activist and have been helping sick people worldwide since 2002 either by sending them FREE SEEDS or FREE MMJ for those that could afford to purchase meds I was giving it to them for $150USD per oz and those that couldn't afford to pay was given it for FREE! I no longer ship MMJ or SEEDS due to my ongoing legal issues. I am on probation till June 2009.

If anyone likes to write articles or is a photographer and would like to show off their knowledge please feel free to contact me as I am always looking for COMPREHENSIVE ARTICLES to publish in my magazine which is put out 4 times per year. Our next issue will be available on June 8 2008 and is loaded with info , pics and contests where readers have a chance at having their garden PIMPED OUT, this prize was donated to me by our generous sponsors WEST COAST GROWERS.

If you would like to know more about me or my magazine please feel free to ask.

Take Care and Peace
Marco Renda
Federal Exemptee
Publisher & Editor in Chief
Treating Yourself
The Alternative Medicine Journal

[email protected]