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Hi just wanted to introduce myself as I am a new member but have been visiting the site for years and gathering knowledge from the sidelines!

I first grew cannabis about 12 years ago in a stealth closet grow, quite successful. Now after 12 years I started to experiment again. 😌

I am into organic soil grows and prefer sun but LEDs are a good alternative in my scenario..

Currently working with a beautiful lady that emerged from a mix bag of seeds that was gifted to me by an old friend that had a collection of seeds stashed away. I planted the healthiest of the seeds and they all popped up. However only 1 out of the 6 proved to be very vigorous! All females however!

I will be making a thread in Grow Diaries as I would like to help identify the strain.. very unique aroma and strong grower!

Thanks for keeping this forum alive and helping farmers big and small worldwide 🙏🏽
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