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does anybody know of any seeds that yield from 1-2 pounds a plant outside, i herd of this strain called maui or sumthin that grows up to 4 pounds a plant in northern california i live in southern california and im thinking about the next outdoor season already soo if anybody has any advice let me know.
Mr. Molecule

Mr. Molecule

Any strain that is known to be even a "good" yielder has the potential to do that much in the southern CA sun.

It can be helped along by pre-vegging indoors prior to the normal start of the season, so it has a head start. I'm sure doing that is an effective way to maximize yield.

Many things are possible outdoors because there are so many more dynamics at play than indoors. What do you like? Name some strains you already like and would love to see grow, and I'm sure you'll get feedback on what they can do outdoors.

koopa troopa

i swear there is at least one of these threads created on a daily basis.

logic, you should enhance the colors of the search bar like you did the growfaqs.


Himalaya Gold and Mango are 2 strains you might want to check out for massive outdoor yields.


I've heard of the "Maui" I'm investigating further to see if its different then Maui wowie. I have a friend who is growing Maui wowie x Goo, it should be a high yielding strain.


Hash Master

"the doctor" outdoors yield upto 1200g/m2, available from the greenhouse seed company.
sour power

sour power

only once i did an out door grow and it was mango by kc brains out of 4 plants i only got 1 but the one i got yeilded a little over a pound.nice yeild but after that safe to say i will stick to indoor
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