Ok, I'm actually on day 12 of veg today but will be giving the stat's for yesterday. Here's a little bit about the set-up for veg:

A 400w mh, a large 18" desk fan for circulation... in a 3x3ft space... within that space are also kept two mother plants (a sensi seeds NL, and a white label AK), and a propagator holding 18 clones from the two moms.

To the hijack... they are all in pots no bigger than 500ml, they will be vegetated till they show sex (which should hopefully take no longer than 5 weeks of 24/0) and flowered to full harvest in the same pots. The medium I use is coco coir with added perlite. My preferred nutes are Advanced Nutrients, although i have recently had no choice but to switch to Flora 3 part for my base nutes as my hydro store has stopped stocking the AN grow micro bloom. TBH, I'm finding the transition a little difficult and have subsequently burned my plants (not the hijack, some others)... although maybe my batteries may need changing in my truncheon. I also use piranha by AN, voodoo juice, Mother earth tea, fulvic acid, B52, barricade and cannazym (by canna, obviously) during the veg stage.

On day 11 of vegetation, I needed to up the EC to approx 0.7... it had hereto been 0.6 from around the 3rd day of vegetation. The plants all seem to love the nutes and indeed look as if they could take more.

The two plants in the pictures are the males, or rather the ones that I have tagged as males. Here we have Adam and M2.

Adam: Height, 134mm... Width, 214mm (width taken from the total width of the plant at it's widest point, in this case the tri-leaves).

M2: Height, 135mm... Width, 178mm (tri)

I have selected Adam as the dom male from a couple of days out. I believe he is still the dom male, although cannabis is full of surprises. lol. More updates to follow on the other 4 plants.
Eve and F1... the fem's

In the pic's below we have the 2 plants I believe will be females... I have labelled them as Eve and F1...

here are the stats:

Eve: Height, 102mm... Width, 197mm (tri)

F1: Height, 104mm... Width, 194mm (tri)

Eve has had the most uniform growth so far...
The Unknowns...

In these two pic's we have plants that I wouldn't like to put money on turning out one way or the other... I know one of the plants is labelled as M1, as i originally had it as a male, but very quickly changed my mind.

The two plants are labelled as Unknown and M1... here's the stats:

M1: Height, 108mm... Width, 193mm (tri)

Unknown: Height, 124mm... Width, 217mm (tri)

I'd also like to point out that I have also raised the light by a further few inches, and turned up the fan to combat the heat stress showing on the leaves, and the upped EC has shown a very good improvement in greening out the leaf stems. I also suffer with thrips... I think they're thrips.... little brown things, maybe 1 or 2mm long, very quick movers when they see you coming.

Thanks for looking in....
Thankyou... although I'm sure you're just being polite, lol. Especially after i just clocked your little set up. Very impressive.

Thanks for stopping by.