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This is a nj post but. Still the same. Cuomo is on board. He wants that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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People are ingesting, smoking, eating marijuana on a regular basis all throughout New Jersey. It has been happening for 100 years,” Sen. Scutari said in response. “This bill is not something that we’re suggesting to people you should go out and start ingesting and smoking marijuana. But it’s a recognition that people are already doing it.”
So, facilities that are already open for medical purposes could open their doors to the public by the end of January.

Companies that have applied to grow and sell go through a rigorous review that takes months before they are approved. Many are already in the process for medical marijuana.

If legalized, Scutari said dispensary licenses would be rolled out by the dozen. A council would be formed to determine the right number of stores to stay competitive and not flood the market.

So how much would marijuana cost? Scutari said the price will be set by the market. He wants it to be competitive enough to take out the black market.