His And Her 1st Ever Coco Grow Top Fed Dtw 3kw

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What is your preferred method of irrigation for coco coir?

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FYI if you think u got fungus knats...double check they're not root aphids...cuz they get bad fast ...here they are pouring out of pots of infected plants after they been Bayered
OMG those root aphids are some sick little mother fuffers, I've just dealt with those poxy spider mite and have lost out on a full rotation getting rid. I had to basically RIP my veg and bloom rooms to bits and 're cover everything in panda plastic top to bottom, as well as starting some new genetics from seed and making sure that the last lot of clones I just got were bug free. Right royal pain in the ass and has cost me a fair few quid and product by losing out on a run. Hope you get them root aphids dealt with 100% bro and happy growing man.
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