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Please tell us how you started out with Kiwiseeds.

We (my brother and I) started Kiwiseeds in the late 90's in an attempt to save some of the fast disappearing 'old-school' genetics once the main-stay of the South Pacific marijuana industry. New-Zealands main crop up until the 1990's was a blend of genetics, mainly sativa, and Haze types bought back during the 70's by travelers returning from country's such as Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Burma and Cambodia. These plants were typically, fast growing sativas that flourished in N.Z's warm/wet climate and long autumn periods. During the 90's many of the better strains were bought back to Holland and introduced to the indoor environment. Using these old-fashioned sativa genetics, combined with high yielding Indica types developed in Holland, Kiwiseeds was born offering a range of F.1 hybrid and true-breeding cannabis varieties.

Which strains distinguish you from other existing seed co`s?

Kiwiseeds offer many unique strains, however the ones that set us apart from the rest have to be the 'Tasman Haze', a sweet and spicy mainly sativa type that always brings a smile to the face of any Haze fan, and the 'Mako Haze' already a favorite in Amsterdam Coffeeshops and winner of 'Best Sativa in the 2006 Hightimes Cannabis cup'. Both these strains offer the warm earthy tastes of the N.Z bush together with the strength and yield of their Indica parentage in a 80% Sativa 20% Indica combination. Other big sellers from the Kiwiseeds range are 'Milky way' a 70% indica cross with a distinctive taste and high, and 'Mt Cook' a heavy yielding indoor variety that suprises everyone with its paralyzing stone!By far the best seller we have is the 'Kiwiskunk' a classic skunk variety with a tasty twist of Diesel J.

What is your process and criteria when you go for a new strain?

First of all we're looking for a plant that exhibits some unusual characteristics. In the case of the Sativa varieties normally it's a certain aroma and taste that's interesting. Once we've discovered something exciting we need to stabilize the plant using an inbreeding technique. Most of these chance discoveries are far from true-breeding types, and many are multi-hybrids that don't reveal their true genetics until they are inbred. We grow out several hundred females at a time, choosing only the few that show the characteristics we are focusing on. After 3 or 4 of these crossings we've successfully stabilized the strain for the desired traits, and it's time to hybridize the plant with another true-breeding type, usually, in this case the Indica parent.

What would you people tell, why they should grow some of your strains?

I would like to think people would like to try something a little different and at Kiwiseeds we certainly offer this chance. So much of the Cannabis gene pool is made up from the same genetics and it's very hard to find interesting strains these days. Our mission is to seek out these more unusual characteristics in Cannabis world-wide and offer them to our customers. We offer a great range of heavy yielding commercial types, plus our Haze/ Sativa specialities.

You come from everyones dream come true country NZ. Please tell us what the weed scene is like over there and why for heavens sake would you come over here to cold northern Europe to grow pot?!

New-Zealand is a beautiful country and I would advise everyone to check it out if they can. It's a long way to fly but well worth it when you get there. People are very friendly, the weather is good, and the beaches are undoubtedly the best anywhere. N.Z has the highest % of cannabis smokers in the world, at last survey it was a whopping 18% of the population. The N.Z climate produces some of the highest THC content of cannabis grown anywhere, especially in the far north of the country, known locally as 'CannabisCounty'. This part of N.Z has a 'subtropical' climate and anything can be grown here (including bananas and pineapples) This is where I grew up and from a young age learned my trade as a horticulturist. Despite this idyllic setting and abundance of good pot, N.Z has one or two major drawbacks. Firstly the government insists on following the U.S.A with its 'War On Drugs', and no doubt receives funding (much like the vast majority of South East Asia) to continue with this inhumane policy. The price of weed in N.Z has been pushed so high that other far more destructive drugs such as methamphetamine have become increasingly popular over the years, and now N.Z faces a drug problem of epidemic proportions. I am not a gangster and never desired to be one, I'm a horticulturist with a life-long fascination with the cannabis plant, but in N.Z, because of the draconian laws, the cannabis scene has been pushed deep into the criminal arena, and it's not unusual to guard your weed there with a sawn-off shotgun!! I spent much of my youth in and out of court-houses, being humiliated by police, having my house burgled for pot, being robbed, beaten and shot at, and probably worst of all being grassed on by my friends, because they'd buckled to 'police pressure' after getting caught with a joint on the street or something. Marijuana is such a peaceful herb and has no place in this world of criminality and violence. It didn't feel right so when I was about 25 I came to live in Europe and never looked back. Europe is fantastic! I've lived all over but Amsterdam has always been my favorite city. I guess for me it's the fascination with cannabis and the ability to go about my life without having to constantly be looking over my shoulder that makes me stay. I do miss many things from N.Z especially the fishing, the beaches and the bush, but until things change there I'm in no hurry to go back.

You won the Cannabis Cup on 1 occasion. What does that mean to you?

Yes Kiwiseeds won it's first cup! 'Mako Haze' won Best Sativa in the Seed Company category of the HighTimes Cannabis Cup in November 2006 !! We were all delighted to say the least. It's really made us step up a gear, and the whole team are working flat out. We've been visiting all the trade-shows, (just got back from the Highlife fair in Barcelona) and getting the shop ready for the summer rush. Winning the Cupfor us means lots more work actually?. that's the reality of it, but we're all very proud of our win and full of confidence and new energy for the year ahead.

What's you personal opinion on the existing drug laws and international policy?

I've already talked a bit about living in N.Z as a youngster so I think my opinion on drug laws is pretty clear. As far as I'm concerned drug use of any kind is a victimless crime, and therefore just as with any other personal choices in life should be completely legal. Decriminalise, Educate, Legalise, Regulate that's my philosophy and the sooner the better I'd say. We need to stop treating people like children, give them the facts about drugs (not lies), and armed with that knowledge let people decide for themselves. Legalise all drugs and regulate them just as we do with alcohol and tobacco, (which happen to be the two biggest killers of any of them). While we debate the issue our children are taking drugs anyway, like Russian roulette, not knowing what they're taking, and often having to delve into the real criminal world to do so. If we care about our kids we should all vote to stop the madness and Legalise now!

What do you plan within the near future?

The future is looking good! We've joined up with the Dampkring and created our very own Growshop in the heart of Amsterdam where anyone can come and meet all the Kiwiseeds team. The concept for a Dampkring Growshop was hatched some time ago when Paul (from Dampkring Coffeeshop) and Tim (from Kiwiseeds) shared the vision that it was time for something completely different within this business in the Netherlands. Times change and once in a while 'Growshopland' must take this in to
account. The Dampkring Growshop wants to create a new benchmark, namely the Growshop of the future! This is to be apparent not only in the modern interior and the vibe of the shop, but above all in the daily presence of specialised, reliable and qualified staff, co-workers who have a huge cumulative experience in the agriculture and market gardening sector. Service, quality,information and knowledge exchange are the pillars on which the company is built. In sheer range of growing materials too the Dampkring aims to set itself apart from the average Growshop.
Kiwiseeds itself is growing fast and this year promises to be the best for us yet. We are working on some great new varieties and hope to surprise everyone again at the Cannabis Cup 2007! Kiwiseeds Feminized seeds are also on the way and will be released early next year.
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